Expert In Polystyrene Foamed Products, Blowing Agents and Thermoplastic Foams

Technical Consultant #1629


  • Technology and manufacture of polystyrene foamed products, "Styrofoamm," as marketed by Dow Chemical.
  • Technical liaison in the field of polymer engineering, science and cellular plastics.
  • Blowing agent technology.
  • Thermoplastic foam technology.
  • Leader in the field of polymer engineering, science and cellular foamed plastics, eliminating bottlenecks, allowing improvement efficiency in process, creating new values through product and technology development and application opportunities.
  • Develop a high rate static extruded polystyrene "Styrofoam" process for the residential sheathing market.
  • Design computer simulation model, finding production trends, adjusting parameters and identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in the process, thereby increasing output.
  • Develop blowing agent alternatives to CFC12 for extruded polystyrene "Styrofoam" allowing 94% reduction in ODP.
  • Rheology of foaming.


Independent Consultant, 2002 - Present

The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI, 1965 - 2002

  • Fabricated Products, Senior Research Scientist
  • Responsible for developing new products and technologies for new applications for fabricated products.
  • Expert for cellular plastics, thermoplastic foams and polystyrene foams. such as "Styrofoam."
  • Supported other businesses within Dow in relation to plastic foams.

Research Manager, "Styrofoam" Research

  • Responsible for maintaining and growing the "Styrofoam" business, exploring new technologies, and managing a pilot plant.
  • Responsible for fifty professional personnel.

Group Leader, Exploratory Research

  • Responsible for exploring new products, technologies and research, managing eight direct reports.

Plastics Fundamental Research Laboratory

  • Senior Research Engineer: Responsible for development of computer model simulation for plastics businesses, high impact polystyrene process, polystyrene foam sheet process, and process to manufacture "Styrofoam."
  • Research Engineer: Responsible for developing computer model for different businesses covering many manufacturing processes.
  • Chemical Engineer: Fundamental research and study of the solubility and thermodynamics of Dow materials and polymers.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering and Material Science Department
  • Advisory Board Member - The Journal of Thermal Insulation
  • Advisory Board Member - Center of Excellence in Polymer ~Science and Engineering
  • Advisory Board Member - Chemical Engineering Department
  • Advisory Board Member - Technical Committee of Edison Polymer Innovation


  • Dow Inventor of the Year Award
  • Dow Technology Center Awards (three)
  • Research and Development 100 Award


  • SPE, ACS and Polymer Division, AIChE, and Sigma Xi
  • Languages: Korean - Fluent; German - Text; Japanese - Text


  • Author of text books and publications.
  • Presentations Subjects: Floating Permeable Blankets, Structural Analysis, Thermoplastic Foam Processing with Supercritical Blowing Agents, and Critical Issues in Thermoplastic Foams.
  • 57 U.S. Patents
  • 2 U.K. Patents
  • 2 Canadian Patents
  • 2 European Patents


  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
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