International Standards ISO 9001 Auditing Consultant: Plasma Spray Ceramic Coatings

Technical Consultant #1617


  • Developing systems to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • Implementing and maintaining ISO 9001 quality management systems.
  • Internal auditing of ISO 9001 quality management systems.
  • Writing effective procedures to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • Use of statistical methods and Taguchi design of experiments.
  • Pack cementation processes for aluminizing, chromizing, boronizing and siliconizing.
  • High temperature oxidization resistant coatings, including MCrAlY (molybdenum, chrome, aluminum, yttrium) and aluminide.
  • Plasma spray coatings applied for wear or oxidation resistance.
  • Ceramic coatings on high temperature high performance turbine engine components.


Undisclosed Company, Quality Assurance Manager, 2003 - 2008

  • Implemented and maintained a Quality Management System to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 - 2000.
  • Wrote quality manual, system procedures, work instructions and forms.
  • Reviewed production and product databases to identify trends or opportunities for improvement.
  • Utilized statistical methods.
  • Generated PPAP (production part approval process) response documentation to the great satisfaction of a Ford sub supplier.
  • Knowledge of TS 16949 - 2002 automotive quality system standard and use of 8D's.
  • Performed internal audits and was the ISO Management Representative.
  • Ensured corrective actions were implemented in a timely fashion.
  • Established quality assurance inspection requirements and procedures for armor products.
  • Conducted training classes on the ISO 9001 - 2000 system and inspection and calibration procedures.
  • Established and maintained the calibration requirements for measurement equipment.
  • Co-designed a sanding fixture and developed method of use to reduce dimensional scrap and rework from 50% to 0.1%.

Alloy Surfaces Co. Inc., Chester Township, PA, Director of Quality Assurance, 1994 - 2003

  • Managed operations of the Quality Assurance Department, supervising 12 inspectors and 1 engineer.
  • Products manufactured include IR countermeasures, maskants and chemicals.
  • Developed, implemented and maintained ISO 9001 quality management system. Was the ISO Management Representative and lead internal auditor.
  • Provided technical advice and support on quality issues throughout the organization. Utilized statistical methods.
  • Resolved quality issues with customers and suppliers.
  • Estimated the cost of quality control for contract proposals and set budgets and capital expenditure levels for the QA department.
  • Developed improved packaging for an aircraft countermeasure. Eliminated lot failures resulting from defects caused by the original packaging.
  • Managed one-piece case design program to completion and great satisfaction of the customer.
  • Provided technical support to the countermeasures, chemical, chromate conversion, pack chromizing and aluminizing coating production operations.

Pratt & Whitney, Division of United Technologies, East Hartford, CT, 1978 - 1993

Senior Process/Materials Engineer, 1984 - 1993

  • Specified the functional requirements for a $1.2 million automated ceramic seal plasma spray coating system. Coordinated facility installation. Directed facility start-up and debugging.
  • Process engineer in charge of entire heat treat area. Production heat treating processes included carburizing, solutionizing, brazing, normalizing, austenizing, stabilizing, aging, annealing, tempering and stress relieving.
  • Team leader to resolve a weld cracking problem through redesign of fixtures and process adjustment, resulting in the elimination of a 50% rework rate.
  • Defined and implemented a plasma spray process data evaluation method for process parameters to improve part quality and reducing by 75% the quantity of test pieces reviewed.
  • Provided technical assistance with production fabrication of graded ceramic seals. Utilized SPC and Taguchi methods.

Senior Materials Engineer, 1978 - 1983

  • Developed a thin ceramic overcoating for reducing surface rumpling and improving oxidation life of NiCoCrAlY-type coatings. Used on 1st stage turbine blade on some engines.
  • Optimized the process parameters for a vacuum plasma sprayed NiCoCrAlYSiHf coating. Evaluation test included: burner rig oxidation, hot corrosion, tensile ductility, high and low cycle fatigue and thermal mechanical fatigue tests. This coating was selected for the 1st stage turbine blades.
  • Defined the effect on surface roughness, coating removal and controllability for the harperize, SWECO, abrasive slurry, glass bead peen and steel drop-peen surface finishing methods on vacuum plasma sprayed NiCoCrAlY-type coatings.
  • Investigated the morphology, particle size distribution, chemistry and structure of yttria stabilized zirconia powders produced by several suppliers as linked to coating performance.
  • Evaluated the oxidation performance of MCrAlY-type plasma sprayed and electron beam physical vapor deposited coatings. Issued final report for NASA contract (NAS3-21730).

HITEMCO, Old Bethpage, NY, Engineering Manager, 1983 - 1984

  • Process engineer in charge of all pack coating operations including: siliciding of molybdenum and aluminizing of nickel and cobalt base superalloys.
  • Developed an improved fused silicide coating for high temperature oxidation protection of columbium alloy C103. The improved coating provided twice the life of the existing coating.
  • Developed and production implemented a pack boriding process for coating iron and nickel base alloys.
  • Specified the appropriate heat treatment procedures for steels and nickel base alloys.
  • Provided technical production assistance for plasma spray, flame spray and wire arc coating processes.

Honors & Publications


  • Short Courses: ISO 9001 Conducting Internal Audits; Principles of Lean Manufacturing; Cellular Flow Manufacturing, 5/S Visual Workplace
  • Process Auditing for ISO 9001:2000, STAT-A-MATRIX Institute
  • Internal Quality Auditing, Quality Leadership Associate
  • Introduction to Quality Engineering, Taguchi Design of Experiments, Pratt & Whitney
  • Statistical Process Control, Pratt & Whitney


  • Numerous publications and U.S. Patents


  • M.S. Materials Science, State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • B.E. Engineering Science, State University of New York at Stony Brook
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