Fiber Spinning Consultant and World Class Expert on Fiber Cross-Section, Spinneret and Bulking Jet Design

Technical Consultant #1570


  • Polymer science and fiber engineering with broad expertise in many phases of fiber production technology.
  • Melt spinning fundamentals, fiber morphology, structure-property relationships.
  • Fiber engineering, cross-section technology expert, spinneret design and bulking jet design.
  • Pigmented fiber spinning fundamentals.
  • Polymer engineering and polymer blends.
  • Fiber surface characteristics; ink jet printing.
  • Yarn processing technology: Dyeing, heat setting, twisting and air-entangling.
  • Nylon fiber waste recycling.


Undisclosed Company, President, 2003 - Present

  • Independent Consultant servicing the carpet industry and major fiber producers.

DuPont Corporation,1970 - 2003

Research Fellow, Georgia Carpet Technology Center, 1998 - 2003

  • Led Commercial Flooring new product/process development effort.
  • Innovative process/product design that resulted in several million dollars of new business.
  • Developed 4 yarn systems tailored for ink jet printing.
  • Provided technical support to nylon wastes recycling effort.
  • Introduced a family of patented metallic luster Antron ® Lumena® at 2001 NeoCon.
  • Pioneered the use of Roto/Air Twist technology for styling development.
  • Invented a high dye yield cross-section that reduces pigment consumption by 35%.
  • Led fiber macro-structure research team applied fiber engineering and spinning fundamentals to research and development projects and production.

Fiber Engineering Technology Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Senior Research Associate, 1995 - 1998

  • Responsible for Commercial Flooring new technology development.
  • Worked with DuPont Corporate research teams to enhance existing products/processes and develop new products to increase sales.
  • Led Antron® renewal effort.
  • Provided technical support to all fiber production sites.
  • Led fiber cross section research team.
  • Developed numerous new products/processes including:
  • Family of enhanced dyeability Antron® Legacy Bravo product line.
  • Antron® Legacy tailored for continuous dye equipment.
  • Patented metallic luster Antron® Legacy fiber.
  • New yarn systems tailored for printing.
  • Invented 6-hole hollow filament high performance wool-like luster cross-section for Antron®.

Technical Division Seaford Nylon Plant, Seaford, Delaware, Research Engineer/Senior Research Associate, 1970 - 1995

  • Worked in all areas of fiber technology in this spinning production facility.
  • Applied in-depth knowledge of mechanical design as well as fiber engineering and spinning fundamentals to research and development projects and productions.
  • Led the Polymer Modification Team from a total of eight years.
  • Considered cross-section technology expert and corporate subject matter expert for pigmented fiber research, bulking jet, air entangling technology, spinneret design, polyamide and polypropylene melt spinning fundamentals.
  • Directly involved in the development of Antron® Legacy, Antron® Lumena® and anti-static fibers.
  • Directly responsible for, or contributed to the granting of 16 U.S. patents covering:
  • Anti-static fiber.
  • Polymer modification.
  • Pigment dispersion.
  • Yarn twisting.
  • Bulking Jet.
  • Fiber spinning process.
  • Hollow filament cross-sections.
  • Anti-stain nylon fiber.

Honors & Publications


  • 22 U.S. Patents


  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineer, Material Science, Washington University, St. Louis, MI
  • M.S. Chemical Engineer, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
  • B.S. Chemical Engineer, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
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