Ink Jet Printer and Ink Jet Ink Consultant and Expert

Technical Consultant #1475


  • Consultant on digital printing technology and markets with particular emphasis on ink jet printing, ink jet printers, ink jet inks and ink jet receptive media.
  • Distribution and sourcing of ink jet printing, ink jet printers, ink jet ink and substrates and film receptive to ink jet printers and inks.
  • Broker of digital imaging products and systems produced in China.
  • Wide format digital printing for industrial and textile printing.


Independent Consultant, 2000 - Present

Typical Consulting Projects

  • Technical and business direction to manufacturers, distributors and end users of digital printing materials and systems.
  • Consulted to lead a digital solutions provider grow in sales from $12 million to $50 million.
  • Assisted in the formation of a distribution company to sell digital materials produced in China to global original equipment manufacturers and large private label distributors.
  • Enabled the importation of a UV curable ink jet printing system to a direct distribution company in the US.
  • Assisted in the initial funding and supported the growth of a novel pollution free digital and analog printing technology for textiles.
  • Broker of digital imaging products and systems produced in China.

E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co., Wilmington, DE, Rochester, NY, and Brevard, NC 1972 - 2001

New Business Development Manager, Du Pont Color Proofing, 2000 - 2001

  • Helped this business develop plans for new applications of ink jet printing outside of color proofing.

New Business Development Manager, Business Manager, 1987 - 2000

  • New business development in digital materials related business (including ink jet media, electrostatic media, ink jet printhead fabrication materials and ink jet inks).
  • Initiated and managed the ink jet ink business for DuPont which today exceeds $100 million in sales.
  • Managed the start up of this business, negotiated contracts, directed research, planning for manufacturing.
  • Managed or directed up to 35 people in an interdisciplinary team between multiple Du Pont organizations with our first customer Hewlett Packard.
  • Developed new markets for ink jet ink in textile, wide format and industrial printing.

Research Chemist, Sr. Research Chemist, Research Supervisor, Photo Products, 1972 - 1987

  • Research in areas of Silver Halide film development and PET film photographic substrate technologies.
  • Managed up to 25 scientists, engineers and technicians.

Other Du Pont Positions and Recognitions

  • Legal: As manager enabled the process of writing and filing over 25 ink jet patents.
  • Negotiated over a 3 year period a comprehensive development and supply contract with Hewlett Packard.
  • Received two Du Pont Marketing Excellence Recognition Awards: One for developing the inkjet printhead fabrications business for Du Pont and another, as a member of the team who developed the ink jet ink business for Du Pont.
  • Received the coveted BIS Strategic Decisions Founders Award for the development of the first commercial black pigmented ink jet ink in an office printer.

Honors & Publications

Patents and Publications

  • Inventor or co inventor of 7 US patents.
  • Author of over 50 articles, presentations and technical papers.
  • Technical presentations given at conferences in Japan, China, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Canada and the US.
  • Writes a column for a digital graphics magazine.
  • Member of the editorial board of Digital Graphics Magazine


  • Society of Imaging Science & Technology
  • Photo Marketing Association
  • Specialty Graphics and Imaging Association


Ph.D. Physical Inorganic Chemistry, University of New Orleans

B. S. Chemistry, Auburn University

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