Forest and Wood Product Consultant: Wood Composites, Wood Drying, Oriented Strand Board and Formaldehyde Based Resins

Technical Consultant #1469


  • Forest products and wood science.
  • Wood technologies, wood composites and structural design with wood.
  • Wood based panel technology.
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from composite word products, including formaldehyde.
  • Drying of wood and wood products; kiln operations.
  • Mechanics of wood and wood products; light frame construction.
  • Engineered wood products and the physical properties of wood.
  • Resin selection and physical properties of oriented strand board (OSB).
  • Testing and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of wood products.
  • Lumber production.


Private Sector

  • President, Timber Consulting Firm.
  • Professional forest products and light frame construction consultant.
  • Consultant for custom dry kilns.
  • Architectural timber and millwork.
  • Owner of a Construction and Home Inspection Service Company.

Educational Sector

  • University Professor and Department Head - Forests Products.
  • Interim Head of Department, Forest Products.
  • Associate Professor of Forest Products.

Honors & Publications


  • Forest and Wood Science and Products

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Forest Products Society - Many leadership positions: Softwood Lumber Group; Wood Physics and Drying Group; Regional Sections.
  • Society of Wood Science and Technology: Accreditation Committee and Education Committee

Publications - Many invited presentations on such topics as:

  • Laboratory evaluation of oriented strand board samples and VOC emissions.
  • Resin type and flake thickness on properties of oriented strand board.
  • Water spray log storage on southern pine veneer drying.
  • High temperature drying from the three primary orthogonal surfaces of loblolly pine.
  • VOC emissions from drying SYP lumber in a lab-scale kiln.


  • Ph.D. Forest Products, Mississippi State University
  • M.S. Forest Products, Mississippi State University
  • B.S. Building Materials & Wood Technology, Forestry minor
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