Embedded Software and Computer Systems Engineer and Consultant

Technical Consultant #1464



  • Semiconductor, Supercomputing, Storage, Digital Electronics, Global Positioning System, and Telecom industries.
  • Expert in reducing complex systems to simple components in order to identify failures or patent infringement.
  • Extensive experience in working with commercial practice and patent litigators including consulting, opinions, and depositions.

Litigation Support

  • Failure analysis and expert reports.
  • Prior Art identification - expert at building tools using advanced software algorithms to identify obscure references.
  • Reverse Engineering - numerous projects including storage, semiconductor, signal processing, GPS, mobile computing and wireless communications.
  • Claim chart construction - created over 200 for many law firms and major corporations.

Embedded Systems

  • 19 years' experience creating embedded systems, object oriented applications, and scientific algorithms providing cutting-edge technologies.
  • Written over 1.9 million lines of program code including 800k C, 600k C, 300k Java, 250K Python/Perl/Tcl/Tk.
  • Proficient with major object oriented programming languages and design tools.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, including, marketing graphics, and PowerPoint slides.


  • Software / algorithm development using C, C+ +, Java, Python, Perl - personally written 1.2 million lines of code.
  • High performance computing architectures and switched fabrics.
  • Database development using MySQL and Oracle.
  • Communications protocols including TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, NTP, CDMA, GPRS, GSM and CDPD.
  • Textual and Natural Language processing in Python.
  • Enterprise network applications development using BSD sockets on Linux/Unix.
  • Audio and Video CODECs.
  • Teleconferencing, Radar, GPS and wireless signal processing algorithms.
  • 8/16/32/64 bit microprocessor circuitry design.
  • Multilayer PCB design using OrCad and Altium.

Reverse Engineering

  • CPU and FPGA firmware code extraction.
  • Software / algorithm decomposition and disassembly.
  • Custom disassemblers and circuit simulations in Python and Perl.
  • Signal Processing algorithm identification.
  • Communications protocol decomposition and identification
  • Digital and Analog circuitry reverse engineering and schematic capture.
  • Proficient with most modern test equipment including HP, Agilent, Tektronics and LeCroy O-Scopes, Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers etc.


Undisclosed Company, Founder and President, 2010 - Present

  • Expert consulting services; expert witness, and reverse engineering services in support of litigation and patent licensing.
  • Provided reverse engineering of VIA 892C505 South Bridge PC Motherboard for VIA Technologies in Opti v. VIA (Buether, Joe and Carpenter LLP).
  • Provided expert analysis of 300 analog technologies related patents for Freescale Semiconductor.
  • Identification and reverse engineering of market leading Network Attached Storage devices for Teradata Corp. in support of patent licensing.
  • Designed and implemented Patent Acquisition Database for Apple, Inc.
  • Consultant and broker for Hewlett Packard for numerous microprocessor and medical technology patents.
  • Consultant and broker for Avaya for telecom, software and firmware related patents.
  • Expert consultant on Hewlett Packard virtual storage array for HP in BDP v. HP (Cecon - Coughlin & Betke, LLP).

Undisclosed Company, Chief Technology Officer, 2008 - 2010

  • Member directed trust for identifying and acquiring patents currently for sale that could pose a threat to member companies if acquired by an adversarial party. 19 member companies including HP, Intel, IBM, Cisco, RIM, Motorola, Ericsson, Philips, Verizon and Avaya.
  • Directly supported the acquisition of over $45 million in patent assets.
  • Analyzed 200-600 patents per week along with all accompanying claim charts and other marketing materials to identify a match with member company's products.
  • Built close working relationships with the IP staff of all member companies.
  • Built relationships with over 250 brokers and other patent sellers so that the large majority of all patents for sale were offered to AST.
  • Developed numerous procedures and business models for dealing with very high patent volume including identifying, analyzing, classifying and cataloguing patent portfolios currently for sale.
  • Recruited and managed network of technical experts to assist in patent analysis.
  • Notified high-level IP execs from each member company of patents that could be used against them.

Undisclosed Company, Founder and President, 2005 - 2008

  • Intellectual property consulting service providing patent usage evaluation, portfolio management and reverse engineering services.
  • Developed search methods and platform independent software suite for textually evaluating patents and Google's document database index system for quickly identifying infringing products and prior art.
  • Identified prior art on Tivo's Time Warp patent for Dish Networks resulting in 60 of 61 claims being invalidated.
  • Evaluated large patent portfolios and specifically identified many unlicensed and quality patents and corresponding infringing products for NCR, Avaya, Qualcomm and Haliburton.
  • Performed reverse engineering and/or claim chart construction in support of licensing and litigation for major law firms including Baker Botts and Greenberg Traurig.
  • Led competitive reverse engineering and IP development for new compact massively parallel multi-core supercomputing architecture for Lockheed Martin for deployment on military radar, ballistic missile defense and spy-plane applications.
  • Negotiated with Broadcom, AMD and QLogic for IP licenses and complete end product design and engineering services, involving over 70 engineers, for less than $450 thousand total.
  • Delivered functional and benchmarked 256 cpu super computing prototype to Lockheed Martin in 18 months from startup.

Taeus International, Colorado Springs, CO

Director of Business Development

  • Provider of intellectual property evaluation and reverse engineering services with over 20,000 patent evaluations and a network of over 700 subject matter experts.
  • Responsible for developing marketing strategies and developing key target accounts in new Central US region. Closed $600 thousand in IP licensing related projects in first three months with all new customers
  • Established new key partnerships with major IP law firms including Holm, Roberts and Owen (HRO), Baker Botts, and Greenberg Traurig.

Program Manager

  • Responsible for managing reverse engineering (RE) projects and retaining appropriate subject matter experts (SME).
  • Managed a team of 6 subject matter experts for RE projects for HP on many notebook computers including Acer, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba and others generating over 75 claim charts and over $700 thousand in 5 weeks.
  • Managed a team of 4 subject matter experts for reverse engineering projects for HP on numerous iPaq clones by Dell, Toshiba, Philips, Mitac and others generating 35 claim charts and over $400k in 4 weeks.
  • Designed and implemented thesaurus based patent portfolio management software for quickly searching and sorting large patent portfolios ( 30,000 patents) based on related technologies.

Subject Matter Expert

  • Performed RE on competing Java processor and prepared claim charts for Philips.
  • Performed 4 RE projects and prepared claim charts on processor clock adjustment for power conservation, (Zelle, Hofmann, Voelbel, Mason & Gette, LLP).
  • Performed RE and prepared claim charts on competing media player algorithms for Dolby Labs (Farella Braun & Martel LLP). Performed RE and prepared claim charts on competing FPGA for Actel.

Honors & Publications


  • FPGA and ASIC custom High-Level Language compiler design using C and Perl.
  • GNU and Path Scale C/CC+ + compiler extensions using C.
  • Graphical compiler design for signal processing algorithms using Visual Studio and C+ +.
  • GUI design for image display and manipulation, embedded system controls and data capture/plotting using ActiveX, MFC, KDE and Tk.
  • Firmware development using C and variants including GCC, GHS EC + +, Dynamic C, and PICC.
  • Team software development using Waterfall, Spiral and Extreme Programming methodologies.
  • Windows XP and 2000 application development with .Net and Visual Studio, extensive use of COM objects.
  • Linux and OS X application development using Berkeley Sockets, Soap, MySQL and GNU tools.
  • VxWorks and Linux device driver development.
  • Version Control / Configuration Management with GNU CVS on Unix/Linux/OS X and SourceSafe.
  • Multithreaded - Multicore program design using SMP nodes and Message Passing interface.
  • Realtime programming using state machines, interrupts, threads and mutexes.
  • Data encryption and communication using DES, 3DES and RSA.
  • DSP algorithms including FFT, IFFT, FIR Filter, Image Processing, GPS.
  • Completion of numerous additional Electrical and Mechanical engineering course.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Licensing Executive Society - Denver chapter member
  • Civil Air Patrol - 2nd Lieutenant


  • 2 Patents pending on MEMS signal sensors.
  • 1 Patent pending on high precision GPS based location system.
  • 2 Patents pending on high performance processing architectures.


  • B.S. Computer Science, Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, GA
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