Polymer Chemist Expert in Graphic Arts Printing Materials and Processes

Technical Consultant #1454


  • Polymer chemistry, especially for graphic arts printing and coatings.
  • Radiation curing technologies for graphic arts printing.
  • Flexographic printing, specifically digitally imaged printing plates.
  • UV and electron beam (EB) curable inks.
  • UV curable coatings and over print varnishes (OPV) for specialty applications.
  • UV curable anti-microbial coatings for substrates and fabrics.
  • Metal oxide nanomaterial antimicrobial treatments for fabrics.
  • Oil repellent coatings and treatments for various fabrics and textiles.
  • Screen printing technologies.
  • Intellectual property expert witness.


Independent Consultant, 2005 to Present


  • Micropreplication in graphic arts, IR ablative coatings, radiation cure technologies, screen printing, protective coatings and adhesives.
  • All aspects of digital (DTP) technologies for flexography.

Photopolymers for Flexographic Printing

  • ITR (In-the-Round) technologies for flexography printing.
  • Elastomer technologies for direct laser engraving for flexography.

Micropreplication Applications In Graphic Arts

  • Microreplicated surfaces for light manipulation in graphic arts applications.
  • Light collimating articles for use in graphic arts imaging.
  • Microreplicated photopolymer surfaces for improved image fidelity.

IR Ablative Coatings

  • IR ablative masks based on carbon black for flexographic, lithographic and gravure applications.
  • Transparent IR ablative coatings for laser marking.

Radiation Cure Technologies

  • UV cure technologies for photopolymer printing plates.
  • 100% solids UV and EB curable inks and over print varnishes.
  • UV cure coatings and inks for Low energy difficult to adhere substrates (e.g. polyolefins).
  • 100% solids UV curable anti-microbial coatings for various substrates and fabrics.


  • Water-borne specialty coatings for various substrates.
  • Water-borne UV curable coatings for wood.
  • Weather-proof water-oil repellent coatings for the architectural and anti-graffiti market.
  • Water and oil repellent coatings / treatments for various fabrics and textiles.


  • Metal oxide nanomaterial antimicrobial treatments for fabrics.
  • Metal oxide nanomaterials for scratch and abrasion resistant coatings for glass, metal, wood, plastic and other substrates.
  • Metal oxide nanomaterials for UV attenuation and protection of various substrates.
  • Nanocomposite applications in printing.


  • Water-borne polyurethane and acrylic dispersion adhesives for wood, film lamination, fabric-film composites for the graphic arts.
  • UV curable pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) for both temporary bond and permanent bond applications.

Macdermid Printing Solutions, Research Project Manager, Plates Division, 1995 - 2005

  • Headed a number of critical research initiatives in digital and in-the-round (ITR) flexography, identifying several key technologies for continued growth of the flexographic market.
  • Developed new patented technology leading to 5 commercial printing products for wood, plastic and other substrates.
  • Metal oxide nanomaterials for UV attenuation and protection of various substrates.
  • Nanocomposite applications in printing.
  • Served as liaison for the corporation's patent attorneys for intellectual property protection and development.

W. R. Grace & Company, Research Chemist, Designed Polymers Research, 1990 - 1995

  • Designed and developed several novel water-dispersible elastomer photopolymers using anionic polymerization, resulting in several patents.
  • AT&T Bell Laboratories, post-doctoral member of the technical staff.
  • Trained in microlithography, which laid the foundation for subsequent work in photopolymer chemistry. Initial work helped pave commercialization of AT&T Bell Laboratories' CAMP-6 photoresist.

Honors & Publications


  • 10 U.S. patents, 6 Patents in the fields of Integrated printing surface, laser imaged printing plates, flexographic printing elements.

Expert Witness

  • To several major consulting projects.


  • Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry, University of Florida
  • M.B.A., (Executive Program), Georgia State University
  • B.Sc., Chemical Technology, Bombay University, Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT)
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