Process Chemical Engineer Expert in Isocyanate, Diisocyanate and Polyurethane Manufacturing

Technical Consultant #1448


  • Chemical process engineering for polymer intermediates and polymer manufacturing.
  • Manufacture of methylene diisocyanate and polyurethane resins.
  • Isocyanate and diisocyanate technology manufacture and purification.
  • OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance for chemical manufacturing.
  • Environmental, safety, risk assessment and compliance, including experience with phosgene.
  • Competitive technical and business intelligence.


Undisclosed University, 2000 - Present

  • Educator for graduate level chemical engineering and technology courses, including advanced kinetics and reaction engineering.
  • Educator for Occupational and Environmental Safety Engineering, as well as environmental pollution and prevention.

Bayer Corporation, Chemicals and Polymer Divisions, 1979 - 2000

  • In a 21 year career, held the following positions: Sr. Business Analyst, Manufacturing Consultant, Production Superintendent, Production Supervisor and Process Engineer.
  • Trained technicians, supervisors and managers on OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance, and engineering aspects, related to safety and environmental protection of land, air and water.
  • Process improvement in the polymer division, responsibilities included: Trouble shooting, design, plant modernization, plant expansion, quality improvement and cost reduction projects.
  • Production Supervisor of polymer and chemicals production units. Responsible for safe operation of the units, as well as meeting quality and production quantity demands.
  • Led teams of process engineers, production foremen, project engineers, health and environmental safety representatives.
  • Manufacturing consultant for polymer and chemicals division.
  • Leader of waste water project, process safety management, utilities cross connections and environmental risk planning.
  • Team member in phosgene blue book task force, formaldehyde supply strategy team and polyurethane logistics study team.

Honors & Publications

EPA and OSHA Regulation

  • As member of Chemicals Manufacturing Association and Society of Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Association, worked extensively in negotiations with EPA and OSHA during the preamble and rule making stage of regulations.
  • Knowledge of regulations pertaining to environmental risk assessment, planning, compliance, and audit enforcement (EPA), including process safety management (OSHA).


  • Awarded two patents. One related to the process for the manufacture of methylene diisocyanate with improved physical and chemical characteristics.


  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, West Virginia University, WV
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
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