Hydrogen Consultant: Hydrogen Infrastructure, Reformers, Fuel Cells and Alternative Energy

Technical Consultant #1405


  • Hydrogen infrastructure for energy applications for industry, government and technology development laboratories.
  • Hydrogen powered fuel cells.
  • Small scale hydrogen reformers.
  • Hydrogen energy in transportation and clean power production.
  • Knowledge in wide areas of technology in the alternative energy field.
  • Experience in technology and intellectual property management, business development, strategic planning and alliances, marketing and sales to government.


Independent Consultant 2004 - Present

  • Provides strategic planning, partnering, business development and sales support services in the field of hydrogen, fuel cells and alternative energy development.
  • Currently serves as an advisor to the Technology Advancement Program of the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California.
  • Involved in the development of the U.S. Hydrogen Roadmap as well as those of the States of Florida, New York, and South Carolina.
  • Participated in the development of the California Fuel Cell Partnership and the Blue Print for the California Hydrogen Highway Network.
  • Served as an advisor to the Indo-US Science Technology Forum on Energy Technology R&D.
  • Served on the Board of Directors of two start-up companies.
  • Expertise on small scale natural gas reformers for hydrogen production.
  • Focused on the production of hydrocarbon fuels, chemicals, and hydrogen from renewable raw materials.

Air Products and Chemicals, Allentown, Pennsylvania 1977 - 2004

Business Development Manager, and Project Director, Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells

Developed several key hydrogen transportation and power generation demonstration projects including:

  • Singapore (2004) - H2 station for DaimlerChrysler fuel cell cars
  • Davis, CA (2003) - H2 and HCNG fuel station for the University of California
  • Las Vegas, NV (2002) - Stationary fuel cell power and H2 and HCNG station for vehicles. World's first Energy Station
  • Kiel, Germany (2002), - H2 fueling for submarine
  • Sacramento, CA (2000) - H2 fuel station for the California Fuel Cell Partnership
  • London, UK (1999) - H2 fueling for fuel cell maintenance vehicles
  • Dearborn, MI (1999) - H2 fuel station for Ford Motor Company
  • Chicago, IL (1997) Chicago Transit Authority World's first commercial H2 station for fuel cell buses
  • Palm Springs Airport, CA (1997) South Coast AQMD H2 fueling for fuel cell maintenance vehicles
  • Atlanta, GA (1996) H2 fueling for hybrid electric bus
  • Brussels, Belgium (1994) H2 fuel station for local bus company for a fuel cell bus demo
  • Erie, PA (1993) PA Energy Office, Hythane vehicles
  • Denver, CO (1991) City of Denver, Hythane vehicles

Other Activities at Air Products

  • Completed a major Hydrogen Infrastructure study in 1994, as part of parallel hydrogen industry teams, to analyze the costs of producing and delivering hydrogen to support a fleet of fuel cell vehicles for major U.S. car manufacturer and the DOE.
  • Formed strategic alliances with several large and small companies to jointly pursue opportunities in the emerging hydrogen energy area. These involved relationships as a supplier, project partner, equity investor, and joint developer of technology.
  • Served in commercial development, technology and intellectual property management roles providing leadership and direction to corporate research programs in gas and liquid separations via membranes, adsorption, and molecular complexes.
  • Performed technology assessments of coal gasification, coal liquefaction, and gas treatment systems for a DOE sponsored coal liquefaction demonstration project. Defined, placed, and technically managed R&D support programs to eliminate technical risk and assure integrity of the process design.
  • National Hydrogen Association (NHA), leadership roles and key contributor to the success of the NHA.

Honors & Publications

National Hydrogen Association Awards

  • 2004 Meritorious Service for leadership, and efforts to position hydrogen as an important energy option of the future.
  • 2003 Special Member for the completion of the Energy Station in Las Vegas
  • 1999 Special Member for championing the Hydrogen Implementation Plan
  • 1997 Special Member for the report on the Advisory Role of the NHA to the DOE

American Chemical Society

  • 1996 Heroes of Chemistry Award for pioneering efforts in promoting hydrogen as an energy source.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Energy Office

  • 1993 Alternative Fuel Pioneer Award for work on Hythane


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Madras, Chennai, India
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