Metal Working Fluid Consultant and Expert

Technical Consultant #1377


Lubricant Formulations

  • Recommend specific additives and formulating techniques to achieve desired fluid properties.

Water Extendable fluid management

  • Develop concentration control and fluid addition programs to optimize fluid performance.
  • Develop programs of biocide additions to work in conjunction with concentration control programs.
  • When necessary recommend other additives to extend fluid life and solve specific problems.

Foam Control Water Extendable Fluids

  • Work with clients to determine the root cause of foam issues.
  • Recommend foam control agents and methods.
  • Develop programs of FCA additions to reduce additions and maintain foam control.

Fluid Reclamation

  • Work with clients and filtration companies to combine the fluid with the appropriate filtration system and filter media.
  • Work with clients to troubleshoot and solve filtration issues.

Fluid Recovery

  • Determine if the lubricant fluid can be recovered.
  • Develop a method to return the fluid additives package to use levels.
  • Work with clients and fluid recovery equipment manufacturers to develop a fluid recovery program.


  • Instruct both clients and client's employees on the importance of fluid management and fluid management methods.
  • Instruct clients on the techniques of gathering fluid data and the importance of recording and using that data as a tool to enhance fluid performance and extend fluid life.
  • Enable client's employees to develop training tools that explain the hazards of metalworking fluids and demonstrate the proper use of safety equipment.

Health, Safety and Compliance

  • Review client's health and safety documentation and procedures to ensure they are complete and up to date.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Undisclosed Company, Consultant, 2007 - Present

  • Consultants to the lubrication Industry specializing in formulations, fluid management, quality ISO 9001, training, health and safety, fluid reclamation and recovery.

Crystal, Inc. - PMC, Chief Chemist, 1997 - 2007

  • Formulate antifoam compounds for the metal-working industry.
  • Develop test methods that simulate field conditions for antifoam evaluations.
  • Supervise production of new antifoam products.
  • Work with Crystal customers to solve foam problems.
  • Work with salesmen at trade shows and in the field to promote and build antifoam sales.
  • ISO 9001: 2000 Management Representative.

Process Research Products, Chief Chemist/ Laboratory Supervisor, 1994 - 1997

  • Formulate products for silicon wafer slicing; these include dispersions of and suspension vehicles for silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and molybdenum disulfide fluids for the metalworking industry.
  • Supervise production of new products.
  • Work with PRP customers during field trials to solve both processing and fluid problems.
  • Work with salesmen to build sales and solve field problems.
  • Maintain laboratory documentation for ISO 9001.

Quaker Chemical Company, Chemist, 1987 - 1994

  • Formulate products for the metal-working industry.
  • Supervise production of new products.
  • Work with customers during field trials to solve both processing and fluid problems.
  • Work with salesmen to solve field problems.

Honors & Publications


  • Statistical Process Control
  • Data Analysis and Presentation
  • Design of Experiments

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Member, American Chemical Society - ACS
  • Member, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers - STLE
  • Fellow, American Institute of Chemists - AIC


  • B. S. Chemistry, LaSalle College, Philadelphia, PA
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