Electronic Materials Expert: New Product Development, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Technical Consultant #1347


  • Fluoropolymer materials and their applications.
  • Expanded PTFE (polytetrafluroethylene) materials and their applications.
  • Electronic packaging and materials.
  • Printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuit board technology, materials and markets.
  • EMI shielding materials.
  • Thermally conductive electronic packaging materials.
  • LCP films for electronic applications.
  • Financial and market analysis.
  • New product and new business development.
  • Acquisitions and divestitures of high technology electronic and medical businesses.

Experienced with:

  • Technical materials marketing in Japan and the Far East.
  • Minimally invasive medical products.
  • Intravascular medical products.
  • European electronic markets.
  • High performance fabrics.
  • High performance fibers.
  • Fuel cells and micro filtration technology, products and systems.


W. L. Gore, Newark, DE, Corporate Operations Committee 1998 - 2005

Reported to the President as a senior member of the Corporate Operations Committee. This Committee was responsible the long-term health of the Enterprise by providing guidance and strategic direction to the global business units. Responsibilities:

  • Corporate Development and Strategic Plans.
  • Liaison with the Electronic Products Division.
  • Leadership of the Electronic Packaging Materials Group.
  • Liaison with our Japanese subsidiaries.
  • Oversaw the growth of the Enterprise from $1.2B to $2B while maintaining pre-tax margins in the double digits.
  • Lead the annual global business planning process.
  • Restructured the Electronic Products Division which led to the divestiture of the VCSEL parallel optics business.
  • Divested Gore's electronic module business to 3M at a substantial EBITDA multiple.
  • Founded and lead Gore's first Corporate M&A team.
  • Purchased a medical device business and developed plans for other strategic acquisitions;
  • Forged closer corporate relationships with our Japanese subsidiaries.

Electronic Packaging and Materials 1994 - 1998

Leader of a new venture group focused on expanding Gore's participation in advanced electronic composite materials, EMI shielding products and high performance IC packages. Responsibilities:

  • Global P&L for a group of new ventures that grew sales eight fold by rapidly introducing new, leading-edge electronic materials and products.
  • Formed new electronics group from a collection on new ventures scattered throughout Gore and its Japanese subsidiaries. Created the focus and strategies that grew the groups sales 8 fold in 4 years.
  • Worked with key IC and systems suppliers like Silicon Graphics, IBM and LSI logic to expand the IC packaging business.
  • Developed extensive business and technical relationships with: Japanese manufactures of electronic systems, materials and components, such as NEC, Kyocera and NTK; Taiwanese and Korean electronic manufacturers of printed circuit boards and cell phones; US and European cell phone manufactures such as Nokia and Motorola.
  • Built a technical laboratory for doing research in advanced composite materials for printed circuit boards and IC packages.
  • Supported our Japanese subsidiary in marketing new IC packaging materials and Flexible Printed Circuit Board laminates to US customers like 3M.

Electronic Product Division 1987 - 1994

Business Leader of the $100 million global Electronic Products Division.

  • Grew sales from 34% while maintaining high profit margins.
  • Restructured the aging wire and cable business to focus on high speed electronic assemblies and interconnection products.
  • Began diversifying the business into other electronic products such as electronic materials, EMI shielding and thermal interface gaskets.

Associate 1984 - 1987

New product development leader for composite materials.

  • Discovered and patented a new expanded PTFE composite material for low dielectric constant high speed printed circuit board laminates
  • Formed a new group to manufacture and market this new material
  • Grew sales to $5 million within 3 years

DuPont Corporation, Wilmington, DE

Various Technical, Marketing and Sales positions 1969 - 1984

Worked 15 years with DuPont in the Petroleum Products and Electronic Products Divisions

  • Sold "Riston" photoresist to the printed circuit industry.
  • Technical Service Supervisor supporting the photoresist business.
  • New Product Development manager for photoresists.
  • Invented and patented a new petroleum additive.
  • Top photoresist salesman in the division.
  • Invented and patented a new photo-imageable tape for masking printed circuit boards.
  • Began the marketing of a photo-imageable printed circuit board dielectric.


B.S., Chemistry, University of Florida

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