Polycarbonate Resin Expert Consultant and Organic Chemist

Technical Consultant #1246


  • Polycarbonate product developments for specific application needs.
  • Troubleshooting on polycarbonate production problems.
  • Knowledge of the plastics additive suppliers and polycarbonate raw material suppliers.
  • Polycarbonate manufacturing from pilot scale to plant scale.
  • Recovery of catalysts for better economics and to comply with EPA regulations.
  • Developed polycarbonate blends, PC/ABS, PC/polyester, to suit market needs.
  • Led global team to harmonize the additives for the polycarbonate product line.
  • Polypropylene products, formulations and thermal-processing.
  • Fluent in German.


Manager, Mineral Filled Polypropylene, Asahi - Thermofil, Inc.

  • Provided technical direction for the maintenance of current polypropylene products to meet customer specifications.
  • Developed blow molding grades of polypropylene for swimming pool filter housings

Bayer Corporation/Miles Inc./Mobay Corp., Research Fellow,

  • Generated multi million doller in sales from new product developments.
  • Troubleshooting and interal consultant on polycarbonate production problems.
  • Developed viable new polycarbonate technology for glazing, DVD and optical lens.
  • Conceived and implemented innovative and speculative R & D strategies.
  • Assessed attractiveness of technology for purchase.

Manager, Makrolon Technology and Product Development, Mobay Corporation

  • Steered business and set strategies as a member of business team.
  • Realized $130 million sales through new product developments.
  • Coordinated Makrolon programs with Marketing and Product Management.
  • Developed stabilized polycarbonate for vented molding.
  • Introduced a new impact modified polycarbonate for automotive instrument panels.
  • Generated a new business for flame retardant polycarbonate in aircraft market.
  • Evaluated patents on aromatic polyester technology.

Research Specialist, Mobay Corporation

  • Developed viable plastic technology for ophthalmic market.
  • Developed transparent impact modified polycarbonate.
  • Developed gasoline resistant polycarbonate.

Senior Research Chemist, Exploratory Research, Koppers

  • Developed styrene-maleic anhydride copolymers (Dylark).
  • Developed chemically resistant polyesters (Alkyd types).
  • Worked on novel high temperature polyimides.

Honors & Publications

  • 85 US Patents issued
  • 20 Inventions being processed in the US Patent Office
  • 15 Publications in US Journals


  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.S., Organic Chemistry, University of Minnesota
  • M.S., Dyestuff Chemistry, Bombay University, India
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