Chemical Process Modeling, Simulation and Automation Expert

Technical Consultant #1235


  • Catalytic processes for oxidation, amination and hydrogenation.
  • Ethylene glycol and ethanol amine manufacture, process engineering and chemical plant design.
  • Economic evaluation and financial analysis of chemical processes.
  • Computer automation of chemical processes including sensors, feedback loops and computer control.
  • Chemical reaction systems design and control.
  • Fluid dynamics.
  • Computer networking, modeling, process simulation and control systems.


Dow Chemical Company

  • Expertise in catalytic processes for oxidation, amination, hydrogenation and metathesis.
  • Co-invented and directed the team developing and engineering a new catalytic process to manufacture Ethlyene Glycol.
  • Organized and managed the Engineering Science and Technical Computing organization. Managed 30+engineers who provided expertise in reaction systems, fluid dynamics, computer networking, modeling, simulation, and numerically intense computing.
  • Co-designed epoxidation reactors for propylene oxide / styrene processes.
  • Directed a global team who envisioned and re-engineered R&D’s systems architecture. Led the introduction of super computing usage into Dow.
  • Managed team that developed Dow’s laboratory data acquisition and control system. Wrote the control methods and designed the user-interface for almost 1000 systems installed in Dow research laboratories.
  • Developed a reactive distillation process for the manufacture of sodium ethoxide for production of an agricultural intermediate.

CEO, Website Consultants

  • Co-founded Website Consultants, a privately held company that specializes in information technology consulting. Expertise is offered for information system architecture, networking and software development.

MIND, Inc.

  • Co-founded MIND, Inc. a non-profit Internet service provider and network development company. MIND provides Internet access to the Mid-Michigan Educational Community and provides Windows 2000 and UNIX servers for software development.

Honors & Publications

  • Doug Leng Award for Excellence in Engineering.
  • Patents for metathesis and oxydehydrogenation reactor designs.
  • Patent on design for epoxidation reactors.
  • Patent on a time proportioning controller.
  • 60 technical papers with a focus on reaction technology, computer and communication systems and their use to automate processes at Dow.


  • Masters Program, Financial Management Systems, Central Michigan University
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering/Mathematics, Ohio State University
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