Chemical Engineer Consultant: Hazard Chemicals Manufacture; Expert for Glycolic Acid Production

Technical Consultant #1226


  • Registered Professional Engineer in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  • High pressure chemical processes (over 500 atmospheres) for both glycolic acid gaseous and liquid applications.
  • Use of exotic materials of construction in difficult process conditions, e.g. titanium and silver.
  • Glycolic acid production and the esterification of glycolic acid.
  • Decolorization and ion exchange for chemical processing.
  • Handling of highly hazardous chemicals, e.g. phosgene, anhydrous ammonia, methylamines, sulfur trioxide, dimethylsulfate.
  • Energy conservation strategies and techniques within the chemical manufacturing process.
  • Development of pilot plant size chemical processes from laboratory test data.


Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics and Physics.

Senior Process Engineer, TransAmerican Automation, Inc.

  • Developed application of special on-line measurement instrumentation for polymer production.

Du Pont Company, Belle, WV

  • Chemical engineering process experience in multiple chemical manufacturing facilities.
  • Familiar with industrial and specialty chemical manufacture for agricultural products.
  • Led multiple Process Hazard analysis teams and worked with five different highly hazardous chemicals.
  • 10 years chemical engineering work in glycolic acid manufacture.
  • Assisted in new process development for the Poly Glycolic Acid product. ~Developed batch production method for 99% crystalline glycolic acid.

Avtex Fibers, Inc., Nitro, WV:

  • Process improvements and capital projects in both the rayon manufacturing process and in the plant utilities areas.

U.S. Naval Ship R&D Center, Annapolis, MD

  • Submarine system development programs for the Trident nuclear submarine. ~Co-authored patent for bonding polyethylene to metal substrate.

Honors & Publications

  • Co-authored patent for dissolving solid formaldehyde polymers with glycolic acid solutions


  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Drexel University
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