Biomolecular Physicist Consultant: Development Novel Biomimetic Ligands

Technical Consultant #1224


  • Biomimetic ligand design and characterization, biomolecular recognition.
  • Expert and consultant in molecular biophysics.
  • Skilled in surface chemistry, colloid chemistry and nanoscale particle synthesis.
  • Polymer physical chemistry and synthesis of collodial systems.
  • Molecular, nanoscale to microscale applications.
  • Drug development process (NDA%u2019s. IND%u2019s).
  • Applied analytical methods %u2013 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, High Pressure Liquid Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry.
  • Scientific Translation: Fluent in German, Swedish and English.


  • Consultant in molecular biophysics and biomimetic ligand design
  • Chief Scientific Officer and Cofounder of startup company focused on the design and commercialization of novel, conformationally flexible affinity ligands, eg., self-reporting chips for nucleic acid applications
  • Visiting Scientist, Center for Applied Genomics, Public Health Research Institute, Newark, NJ. Coinventor of novel molecular beacons technologies for self-reporting, chip-based assays.
  • Visiting Scholar, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ: Performed basic and applied studies of biomimetic ligand conformational transitions.
  • Director, Biophysics Research, Transgenomic, Inc., Piscataway, NJ: Developed biophysical applications of variable temperature HPLC; Designed and tested novel biomimetic ligands
  • Principal Scientist, GelTex/Genzyme Pharmaceuticals, Waltham, MA: Provided physical chemical rationale for the biological properties of bile acid sequestrants, toxin binders, fat binders, lipase inhibitors, and other polymeric drugs
  • Associate Professor, Dept of Chemistry, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE: Ion effects on nucleic acid conformation and dynamics; structure and molecular recognition of signal transducing peptides in lipid environments

Honors & Publications

  • Numerous patents and publications


  • Ph. D., Physical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
  • B. S., Chemistry, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio
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