Phosphorus Chemical Operations: Manufacturing Management Consultant

Technical Consultant #1219


  • Manufacturing of organic, inorganic and phosphorus chemicals, (organophosphorus, phosphonate, phosphite, phosphononic, and phosphinic).
  • Capital project process development, new process development and scale-up.
  • Technical writing, SOP, operating instructions, manuals and feasibility studies.
  • Production rate improvement and process optimization.
  • Process integration and strategic planning.
  • Energy efficiency improvement.
  • Accident investigation prevention.


Independent Consultant, 2005 - Present

Undisclosed Company, Consultant, 2006 - 2011

National and International Projects in China, India, United Kingdom and U.S.A.

  • Improved efficiency of rare earth metal recovery research and development process.
  • Modified technology for manufacture of high-value phosphorus-based surfactant to simplify workup and improve efficiency.
  • Reformulated phosphorus-based flame-retardant for cellulosic textiles.
  • Commissioning of organophosphine chemicals plant.
  • Optimized wet phosphoric acid plants reactor operation at two locations generating annualized savings of raw materials and energy worth more than $4million.
  • Commercialization of phosphorus-based flame retardants.
  • Improved product quality and increased capacity of semi-continuous chemical process by 30%.
  • Relocation of toll manufacturing for range of organophosphorus chemicals.
  • Process design for energy reduction in elemental phosphorus manufacturing.
  • Process design of calcium phosphates factory.
  • Process design of sodium phosphates factory.
  • Study to improve raw material utilization and increase capacity of batch process. Project payback less than 1 month.
  • Study to improve product quality and increase capacity of batch chemical process by 40%
  • Solved a longstanding problem of off-spec production, developing a novel analytical test to locate the source of trace contamination undetectable by spectroscopic means.

Rhodia Inc, Charleston, SC, 1984 - 2005

Manufacturing Development Manager, 1999 - 2005

  • Technical Manager for Toll Manufacturing and new product development.
  • Achieved multimillion dollar savings leading technical team to change supply chain of main raw material (elemental phosphorus) to use overseas (China) source.
  • Developed new industrial processes utilizing novel chemistry to make high value specialty chemicals to produce industrial and pharmaceutical intermediates by leading cross-functional research and development and engineering teams.
  • Achieved $400k savings and reduced cycle times 15% to 75% by reformulating long-established batch processes.

Technical Manager, 1996 - 1999

  • Managed up to 8 process engineers and 5 control engineers at site making organophosphorus chemicals.
  • Reduced raw material supply costs by over $500k annually by undertaking a comprehensive review of theoretical efficiencies and directing projects to reduce consumption and losses.
  • Expanded capacities of several units, both batch and continuous, (typically spending 5% of replacement cost to achieve 30% to 50% capacity increase).
  • Improved process safety systems by directing engineering and process control projects resulting in several site awards.

Honors & Publications


  • Chartered Engineer, Europe

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Institution of Chemical Engineers (U.K.)
  • Member, American Chemical Society (U.S.A.)


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, Cambridge University, U.K.
  • B.S. (With Honors), Cambridge University, U.K.
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