Biodegradable Polymers and Microencapsulation of Biocides, Fungicides and Herbicides

Technical Consultant #1210


  • Biodegradable Polysuccimimide and Polyaspartates
  • Isothiazolone Biocide Formulations
  • Microencapsulation for a broad range of application areas - biocides, fungicides, herbicides, coating cross-linkers, fragrances
  • Acrylic dispersions
  • Leather Chemistry, including curing, tanning, coatings and analysis
  • Biodegradable polymers based on aspartic acid chemistry, including manufacturing, synthesis, analysis, derivatization, and application studies based on aspartic acid chemistry.


Independent Consultant 2000 - Present

  • Developed biodegradable polymers based on aspartic acid chemistry

Rohm & Haas Co. 1963 - 2002

Specializing in:

  • Marine Antifoulants, Foul Release Program, Controlled Release Programs.
  • Biocides for Plastics/Composites, Biocides/Polymer Interactions, Physical properties of films, Binding of RH-287 to polymer substrates.
  • Developed Biocides formulations: Encapsulation approaches to a non-sensitizing paint systems; effects of paint components on in-can stability; mechanism of decomposition of DBNPA; stable water dilutable DBNPA formulation, a solid, water soluble, formulation for RH-886.
  • Leather Coatings and Leather Tanning Chemicals

Worked in:

  • Pioneering Research Department: Invented 2 distinct microencapsulation processes; broad range of application areas - biocides, fungicides, herbicides, coating X-linkers, fragrances; identified new shell materials; water soluble as well as water insoluble target compounds; extended particle size to submicron range; invented new route to opacifying polymer for use as a TiO2 substitute in coatings; unique concept for a binder for intumescent paints.
  • Coating Synthesis Department: Defined parameters for the synthesis and stabilization of acrylic emulsion polymers; Demonstrated the unexpected critical role for surfactant purity upon latex processing and properties which set stage for statistical process control the plants.
  • Trade Sales Coating: Determined the mechanism of decomposition of mildewcide product in paints and developed systems for stabilization.
  • Leather Coatings and Leather Tanning Chemicals: Discovered and proved the mechanism of a highly effective low cost, ambient curing mechanism; Extended application to leather coatings; Developed 2 highly successful leather finish coating binders; New process for leather tanning based on fundamental interpretation of collagen structure, function, chemical reactivity; Correlated Syntan/Collagen properties based on reactive functionality; Invented a process for making permanently white, non-yellowing glutaraldehyde tanned leather; Designed an improved performance, cost effective, low color sole leather tannage; Developed enzyme unhairing and soaking processes.

Honors & Publications

Dozens of Patents and Publications, including:

  • Process for Microencapsulation
  • Microencapsulation of Agrochemicals and Pharmaceuticals into Polymers
  • Methods of Synthesis of Polysuccinimide or Polyaspastate by End Capping Polymerization
  • Crosslinkable base coat resins for leather finishing
  • The role of surfactants in polymerization


  • Ph.D., New York University, New York, NY
  • M.S., New York University, New York, NY
  • B.S., Queens College, Flushing, NY
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