Polyurethane Chemist and Polyurethane Process Scale Up Consultant

Technical Consultant #1190


  • Polyurethane chemistry, polymerization and polyurethane formulation development.
  • 20 years of experience applying polymer science, chemistry and engineering to develop products from concept through customer introduction.
  • Expert in polymer and polymer process problem definition, laboratory scale characterization, small scale and pilot scale test method development and plant scale up polymer processing.
  • Polyurethane process lab testing and production scale up.
  • Instrumental in bringing experimental products to industrial scale, acting as liaison with marketing and technical service to introduce products to the market.
  • Proficient in laboratory management, particularly with regard to safety, regulatory issues and chemical management.


Independent Consultant, 2002 - Present

  • Adhesive product development.
  • Polyurethane formulation development.
  • Process scale up.

Rowan University, Adjunct Professor, Glassboro, NJ, 2002 - Present

  • Teaching general chemistry evening classes and laboratory.

Huntsman Polyurethances, (ICI Polyurethanes), West Deptford, NJ, Senior Development Associate, 1993 - 2001

  • Developed aromatic isocyanate based wood adhesives and release agents for engineered wood composites.
  • Managed the groups intellectual property to assure granting of the maximum number of significant and strategic patents.
  • Introduced the Rubilon® line of release agents, which allowed expansion of the MDI market by over 30 million pounds per year.
  • Developed catalyzed isocyanate, Rubinate® 1030, which allowed the company to retain customers and sell over one million pounds of binder at a higher margin.
  • Created a new surfactant that lengthened isocyanate emulsion life and expanded the latex crosslinker trialled market.
  • Developed an environmentally green pump flush, IFS 283, to support the wood industry, which then expanded to the entire urethane industry.
  • Co-invented a line of moisture activated adhesives being sold at a high margin and with a rapidly expanding market volume.

ICI Polyurethanes, West Deptford, NJ, 1984 - 1993

  • Performing several positions, Binders Development Group Supervisor and Senior Development Chemist.
  • Developed aromatic isocyanate-based urethanes and isocyanate variants.
  • Developed polyurethane and polyurea formulations for Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) of bus bumpers and automotive fascia.
  • Modified the rigid urethane system RIMline RS250 from European technology and tested the system in a variety of articles such as business machine housings, tote bins, desk components, window frames and hog troughs.
  • Formulated Ebonite bowling ball shells and Spalding softball cores using a balance of crosslink density and overall hardblock content to achieve specific engineering requirements.
  • Modified pure MDI, a solid, into a liquid variant with minimal negative impact on polymer properties.
  • Developed an equivalent to a Nippon Polyurethanes Coronate® for automotive dashboard applications.
  • Modified Rubinate® 1680 isocyanate so that its polyol solubility matched that of Dow's Isonate 143L, retaining a large systems house customer.
  • Organized, trained and maintained a site Hazmat Spill Team for three years.
  • Promoted community relations by serving as East Greenwich Township Local Emergency Planning Committee Hazmat Coordinator since 1990.

Honors & Publications


  • Over 30 professional development courses.


  • Five Patents - One filing pending
  • Ten Publications and Presentations


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Clemson University, SC
  • B.S. Chemistry, Wake Forest University, NC
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