Electrical-Mechanical Design Consultant

Technical Consultant #1186


  • Mechanism and electro mechanical design
  • Microprocessor design and micro coding (MC68HC11) including analog input, pulse width modulation output, event and timed pulse input timing and machine interface
  • Computer aided design and analysis, including 2D and 3D modeling
  • Mathematical modeling of complex mechanical systems
  • “State of the art†manufacturing processes, such as rapid prototyping, laser cutting and welding and stereo lithographic modeling
  • Brushless, permanent magnet motor and controller design and analysis
  • Thermodynamic analysis and heat exchanger design
  • Start to finish product development


Consulting, Miami, FL

  • Designed, tested, and implemented micro controlled electronic ignition and test system for a hydrogen fueled V8 internal combustion engine
  • Designed circuitry and packaging for under water LED sword fish light

Stirling Marine Power, Ltd. , Miami, FL

Founder, Engineer

  • Designed a Stirling engine generator, including all layouts, bills of material, component parts, circuit diagram, cable drawings and circuit card assemblies
  • Wrote mathematical model predicting engine performance
  • Built a prototype 7.5 kW Stirling engine generator, using rapid prototyping techniques
  • Designed, built, and tested, a brushless permanent magnet starter and alternator system complete with all commutation and drive circuits. Wrote a math model to predict starter performance
  • Performed analysis and testing of all engine systems including thermodynamics, stress analysis, kinematics, metallurgy and electronic control systems
  • Designed, built and debugged a micro processor control systems, including all interface circuits, sensors, transducers and valves
  • Developed all the micro code necessary to control all engine functions, and provide error logging, diagnostics, and communications functions

IBM, Boca Raton, FL; Lexington, KY; Boulder, CO

Development Engineering/Management

Successful programs:

  • Mechanical design responsibility for Computerized Automotive Maintenance System for GM
  • Total design responsibility for a document handling system for high speed printer
  • Managed the development of four serial matrix printer projects for small computer systems
  • Managed the development of an automatic document handler system for an office copier
  • Managed the development of a collator system for the OBM Series III copier
  • Participated in the development of the IBM System /7 computer manufacturing system
  • Listed inventor of 10 U.S. Patents and achieved third level invention achievement recognition


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Miami, Miami, FL

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