Petroleum Products Recovery Consultant -- Spent Tire Recovery Processes

Technical Consultant #1160


  • Environmental waste product remedies including conversion of byproducts and waste steams to salable products.
  • Phase transfer catalysis to transform components of byproducts and waste streams into salable products.
  • Recovery of useful chemical materials from scrapped rubber tires.
  • Synthesis of radio-compounds and practicing radiation safety.
  • Consultant in multi-phase petroleum flow systems and corresponding measurements.
  • Synthesis of small molecules, including modification of polymers.
  • Consulting on micro-capsules and nano-capsules and ultra-sensitive detection methods for petrochemicals.
  • Syntheses of several optically pure carbohydrates, chiral processes and absolute asymmetric synthesis.
  • Synthesis of lineatin and disparlure from mono saccharides.
  • Synthesizing olefin's from diols via bis-xanthates.
  • Derivatizing agents containing iodine-124.
  • Economic scrubbing of methyl bromide using non-hazardous water solution.


Senior Chemist 2001 - Present

  • Separation process with phase transfer catalysis.
  • Focus on reclaiming useful chemicals from spend tires.

PetrAmec, Inc., Exton, PA, President and Principal Scientist 1999 - 2001

PetroTraces, Inc., Houston, TX and Bethlehem, PA, R&D Manager, 1995 - 1999

  • Principal Scientist and Radiation Safety Officer

AttoChrom/Bio Traces, Inc., Senior Research Scientist, 1993 - 1997

Department of Chemistry, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Senior Research Associate 1988 - 1992

Department of Chemistry, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA; Visiting Professor 1987 - 1988

Warsaw Agricultural University, Warsaw, Poland, Assistant Professor 1978 - 1987

Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK, Postdoctoral Fellow 1976 - 1978

Honors & Publications

  • Co-author of more than 30 publications, 11 patents and 12 invited presentations.

Selected Publications

  • Macroscopically chiral system of three independent orientational effects as a condition for absolute asymmetric synthesis.
  • Optical Activity ex machine: Absolute Asymmetric Separation, Presentation.
  • Absolute Asymmetric Separation as the Initial Source of Homochirality.
  • Economic Destruction of Methyl Bromide from Air Streams Using Non-Hazardous Aqueous Solution.
  • Conversion of Pollutants in Dilute Aqueous Waste Streams to Useful Products: a Potential Method Based on Phase-Transfer Catalysis.
  • Exhaustive removal of anions from aqueous waste via nucleophilic reactions in the presence of Phase Transfer Catalysts.

Selected Patents

  • Enhanced chromatography using multi-photon detection.
  • Apparatus and method for measuring multi-phase flow.
  • Alkaline free electro less deposition.


  • PhD., Organic Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
  • M.S., Technology of Petrochemical Products, Department of Chemical Technology, Warsaw Institute of Technology
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