Chemical Engineering Consultant: Plant Design & Scale Up

Technical Consultant #1128


  • Technology Licensing (Chemical Processes)
  • Plant Scale up and Process Commercialization
  • Process Design & Simulation
  • Process Evaluation & Technical Studies
  • Plant Startup, Commissioning, Process Analysis
  • Training Programs for Plant Operation
  • Heat Transfer
  • Hazardous Waste Treatment & Wastewater Recycle


2004 - Present Engineering Consultant

1994 - 2004 BE& K Engineering, Delaware, Principal Engineer

Project include:

  • Simulated polymerization and phosphorylation reactors and piping system for pressure drop analysis and design in high viscosity shear sensitive fluid.

Hercules Inc.

  • Completed the front-end engineering package for 22000 metric tons per year Petroleum Resins plant.
  • Designed special heat exchangers for high vacuum and low-pressure drop service.
  • Process development and pilot plant scale up studies for a 10 million pounds/year Silica Aerogel Plant.
  • Completed the Process Design Manual for a 12 million lbs/yr functional acrylic monomer plant by the scale-up of research data based on new improved technology.
  • Developed the conceptual design of cesium formate product evaporation and spent acid concentration systems related to tantalum mining operation.
  • Designed special equipment for a 30,000 MTPY Terathane (PTMEG). Simulated Flow Sheet Blocks using Aspen Simulation software.

1975 - 1993 ICI Americas, Wilmington, DE. & Stauffer Chemicals, N.Y., Project Manager, Technology Transfer & Process Design

As Lead Engineer successfully completed the design of the following plants:

  • 280,000 MTPY ethylene dichloride facility in Sadaf, Saudi Arabia..
  • 10,000 MTPY emulsion PVC and 150,000 MTPY of vinyl chloride and ethylene dichloride plants in Korea.
  • An 8000 MTPY facility for chlorinated organic waste recycling in Germany.
  • A 100 tons/day high purity carbon monoxide generation plan in the US.

In-depth knowledge of the following processes: Functional Acrylate Monomers, Vinyl Chloride Monomer, Polyvinyl Chloride (suspension and emulsion), PVC Compounding, By-Product Recycle of chlorinated effluent, Synthetic Lubricants, Carbon Monoxide, Phosgene, Alums, Hydrocarbon Resins and petroleum refining processes; Furfural extraction, De-waxing, Propane de-asphalting and Asphalt air blowing.

Honors & Publications

  • "The Changing Face of the Engineering Business," Hydrocarbon Processing, November 1999, pp. 116c-116e
  • "Consider a Technology Resource Group for Successful Project Execution," Hydrocarbon Processing, December 1997, pp. 100-103
  • "Successfully Transfer HPI Proprietary Technology," Hydrocarbon Processing, February 1997, pp. 91-99
  • "How to Achieve Plant Startups in Developing Countries," Hydrocarbon Processing, April 1995, pp. 84b-84j.


  • M.S., Chemical Engineering
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