Silicone Consultant: Formulation, Processing, Properties with Elastomer Focus

Technical Consultant #1079


  • Silicone Pump Tubing
  • Flurosilicone Biopharmaceutical
  • Elastomer FDA
  • RTV Silicone Mechanical Testing
  • Patent Strategy FDA Material Master Plan
  • Liquid Injection Molding (LIM)
  • Mechanical Testing (Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis, monitoring cure via DMA in real time)
  • Transient Mechanical Testing (Stress-strain analysis, fracture,toughness testing, fatigue testing)
  • Rheological Characterization (Cone on plate, parallel plate, and capillary approach to melt flow)
  • Electrical Testing (Dielectric thermal analysis, monitoring cure via remote-sensing dielectric analysis)
  • Spectroscopy (FTIR mapping, photoacoustic FTIR, micro-FTIR spectroscopy, fiber optic FTIR)
  • Chromatography (GC, LC, mass spectroscopy, thermal desorption, characterization of silicone materials)
  • Molecular Weight Analysis (GPC, intrinsic viscosity, membrane osmometry, vapor phase osmometry)
  • Morphology (SEM, TEM, image analysis of micrographs, small angle x-ray scattering)
  • Inverse Gas Chromatography (Characterization of acid base properties of modified fumed silica fillers)


Undisclosed Company


  • Invented PTFE-lined peristaltic pump tubing for high purity fluid handling applications
  • Consult to the high purity fluid processing industry including biopharmaceutical processingServe on the ASME Biopharmaceutical Process Committees on Polymers and Hygienic Seals

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Industrial Products Division

Product Manager, STA-PURE Peristaltic Pump Tube Business

  • Invented, prototyped, and commercialized STA-PURE pump tube with projected sales of ten million dollars
  • Assembled and led a global, cross functional team of associated in technology, manufacturing, and sales
  • Consulted for all four divisions of W. L. Gore as the corporate silicone expert
  • Responsible for patent portfolio management, budgeting, and personnel recruitment and development

General Electric Company, Silicone Products Division

Technology Manager, Specialty RTV Products (SRTV), Waterford, NY

  • Focused the Specialty RTV product development group (12 technologists) on 3 growth industries: electronics/telecommunications/business equipment, mold making, and OEM/Maintenance & Repair
  • Helped GES double in net income from '95 to '96 with numerous innovative products & processes
  • Prioritized technology development efforts with industry leaders for over 40 active programs
  • Conducted Customer Needs Mapping (CNM) sessions that link strategic customers directly with product development technologists at GE Silicones with the goal of understanding prioritized needs
  • Organized the technology seminar series with speakers from GES, Corporate R&D, and Universities
  • Responsible for patent portfolio management, budgeting, and personnel recruitment and development

General Electric Company, Silicone Products Division

Material Science Laboratory, Waterford, NY

  • Secured a five million dollar per year contract with a strategic customer by taking a leadership role as the technical interface between the customer and GES R&D, manufacturing, and Corporate R&D
  • Helped grow the silicone LIM market by 28% in '93 by integrating customer needs into R&D
  • Developed patented high-flow silicone liquid injection molding materials for fabricating computer keypad

Honors & Publications


  • Twelve publications - complete list furnished upon request.


  • Over 15 disclosures & issued patents have been documented in the areas of silicone RTVs, LIMs, mold making materials, pressure sensitive adhesives, functionalized silicone resins, fumed silica fillers, silicone-PTFE composites, and alternative cure technologies.


  • PhD, Materials Engineering Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University: Dissertation Title Characterization of Photocurable Materials in Real-Time and Post-Exposure
  • B.S., Chemistry, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
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