Forensics Fire Investigator Expert:, Manufacturing Plants, Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Commercial and Family Buildings

Technical Consultant #1029


  • Conducted thousands of fire investigations as a private fire cause and origin investigator working in the Legal, Insurance, and Safety industries.
  • Providing loss reviews, fire investigations, technical expertise, and litigation support for numerous major insurance carriers and attorneys through the Midwest.
  • Report writing, evidence collection, still and video photography, interviewing of witnesses, and deposition and expert witness appearances. Testified in both state and federal court.

Fire and Explosion Origin and Cause

  • Single family homes to complex commercial structures.
  • Vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Manufacturing plants and equipment.
  • Hazardous sites - Asbestos and hazardous material incidents.

Expert Witness Experience

Fire and Explosions Litigation

  • Arson defense and prosecution; gas explosions; vehicular fires/ structure fires, fire deaths and injuries.
  • Analysis and evaluation, consultation, expert testimony and strategy for pending litigation.
  • Civil arson defense.
  • Civil claim denial.
  • Criminal arson defense.
  • Criminal aggravated arson defense.

Building and Fire Codes

  • Fire and building code violations; Life Safety Code violations; smoke detector issues; fire prevention analysis.
  • Analysis and evaluation, consultation, Expert Testimony and strategy for pending litigation.
  • Inspections, code compliance, egress, fire alarm systems, sprinklers, hazardous material storage and code compliance.
  • Life Safety Code Analysis.
  • Exits, sprinkler systems, extinguishing systems, egress, code compliance and inspections.
  • Locations, operations, code compliance, testing.

Fire Department Practices

  • Fire department operations, practices and management; firefighter deaths, injuries and safety.
  • Strategy and Tactics used in fire operations.
  • Communications and response.
  • Incident Command operations.
  • Safety Operations.
  • RIT Team operations, communications.


Undisclosed Company Fire Department, Chief - Member

  • Progressed from a Firefighter and Paramedic to the position of Deputy Fire Chief.
  • Responded to hundreds of major fire and crime scenes and has testified in court on the conclusions of these investigations.
  • These investigations have led to successful criminal indictments and convictions.
  • Fire department responsibilities included the review of all construction plans for compliance to fire and building codes.
  • This expertise in building construction and fire code compliance, coupled with the knowledge of firefighting techniques and fire spread, lends a unique blend to fire investigation capabilities.


  • Fire and building code analysis.
  • Automobile accident reconstruction.
  • Gas Leak Surveys.
  • Distribution gas pipe ruptures and leaks.
  • Investigation of fire fatalities and electrocutions.
  • Investigation of bombings.
  • Investigation for cause and origin of fires and explosions:
  • Incendiary Fires.
  • Boiler and furnace fires and explosions.
  • LP and Natural gas fires and explosions.
  • Kitchen range fires.
  • Spontaneous combustion.
  • Automobile, truck, boats, and heavy equipment fires.
  • Electrical fires.
  • Home appliance fires.
  • Fireplace, flue and chimney related fires.
  • Industrial fires and explosions.

Independent Fire and Explosion Expert, 2001 - Present

  • Fire Analyst

PROBE Inc., Skokie, IL, 1990 - 2001

  • Consultant and Fire Analyst

Skokie Fire Department, Skokie, IL, Deputy Fire Chief, Division of Fire Prevention, 1991 - 1997

  • Acting Fire Chief, 1990 - 1991
  • Deputy Fire Chief, 1987 - 1990
  • Fire Captain and Shift Commander 1, 1986 - 1987
  • Captain Division of Fire Prevention, 1963 - 1996
  • Fire Lieutenant and Paramedic Coordinator, 1981 - 1983
  • Fire Fighter and Paramedic, 1969 - 1979

Dole Valve Company, Morton Grove, IL, 1968 - 1969

  • Lab Technician

United States Army, 1965 - 1968

Honors & Publications


  • IAAI Certified Fire Investigator IAAI-CFI
  • NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator NAFI -CFEI

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Fire Marshals Association of North America
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • Building Officials/Code Administrators International
  • Fire Investigators Strike Force
  • Illinois Fire Inspectors Association
  • International Association of Fire Investigators


  • A.A. Fire Science and Technology, Oakton College, Des Plaines, IL
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator
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