Photopolymer Consultant: Specialties in Photo Chemistry and Radiation

Technical Consultant #438


Polymer Synthesis

  • Preparation of both conventional and novel polymer systems.

High-Energy Radiation

  • Controlled polymerization and modification of surface and bulk properties of materials.


  • Photopolymer systems and materials for silver based photographic systems.

Non-Linear Optics (NLO)

  • Non-equilibrium systems for frequency doubling and electro-optic applications.

Phase Transition Polymers

  • Polymers with "smart" behavior, with applications to bio-separations, diagnostics, photoimaaging, waste management and environmentally friendly systems.

Reaction Kinetics

  • Active photographic and electron responsive systems.
  • Biomaterials: Materials demonstrating specific binding of proteins and DNA with improved biocompatibility.


Independent Consultant, 1991 - Present

DuPont Company, Wilmington, Delaware, 1965 - 1991


  • Senior Staff Scientist, Chemical Sciences and Advanced Materials, 1986 - 1991
  • Various Positions, Central Research and Development Department, 1975 - 1984
  • Senior Research Associate, New Product Research, Biomedical Products, 1984 - 1986
  • Senior Research Chemist, Exploratory Research, Polymer Products, 1970 - 1975
  • Research Chemist, Radiation Physics Lab, Central Research Department, 1965 - 1970


Phase Transition Polymers

  • Created a family of novel, amphoteric polymer systems exhibiting unusual "smart" properties and developed the technology for their use in numerous application areas.
  • Phase transition polymers are materials that undergo significant property changes accompanying minute changes in their environment.
  • Work resulted in 5 issued patents, eight pending patents and two publications. Application areas include:
  • High speed photopolymer systems.
  • Piezoelectric biosensors and environmental sensors.
  • Gelatin substitutes in silver-based photographic media.
  • Controlled capture and release systems.
  • Protein separation in bioreactors.
  • Recyclable and otherwise environmentally friendly systems.

Heteromphase Polymer Systems

  • Created and led the development of high strength, melt processible, thermoplastic elastomers based on the ABA-gA block-graft copolymerization of dienes and lactones.
  • These polymers exhibited outstanding physical properties and could be melt spun at high speed into exceptional fibers. Invented a unique dianionic initiator system useful for initiating highly elastomeric cis-1,4-diene polymerization.
  • Co-developed unique thermoplastic elastomer systems having unusual hydrophilicity characteristics derived from dienes and ethylene oxide, and from isobutylene and pivalolactone.
  • Work resulted in five issued patents and 10 publications.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Work varied, but generally related to polymer physics, polymerization, solid state polymerization, heterogeneous catalysis, and in chemistry, spectroscopy and electronic theory of transition metal chelates.

Honors & Publications


  • Post-doctoral, NIH Fellow, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics, University of California, Berkeley.

Publications and Patents

  • 5 publications
  • 28 Patents


  • Ph.D. Physical/Organic Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.
  • B.A. Chemistry, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.
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