Electronics, Medical Engineering & Artificial Muscle Consultant

Technical Consultant #420


Medical engineering:

  • Electronic sensor devices
  • Artificial muscle polymer

Electronics and electrical engineering:

  • Semiconductor laser devices
  • Semiconductors
  • Dielectric heating
  • High voltage insulation
  • Electrical insulation
  • Ceramics


  • Advanced ceramics
  • Materials processing and controls for advanced composites

Other Expertise:

  • Coatings and adhesives
  • Electroless plating
  • Acoustic emission analysis of materials


Consultant, Medical Engineering.

  • Designing and fabricating electronic sensor devices
  • Consulting on an Artificial Muscle Polymer (AMP) project
  • Polymer chemist in spinning PVOH/PAA fibers for use in electromechanical bionic devices.
  • Senior Mfg. Engineer - Westinghouse, Process Engineering Group, Defense Electronics--Responsible for materials processing and controls for advanced composites, electrical insulation, coatings, and adhesives.
  • Research Chemist - General Cable Corp.
  • Chemist, Physicist, Engineer at Congoleum-Nairn, Hoffman Electronics,
  • Physicist, Aerojet-General, General Dynamics--

Manager - Research and Development at Columbia Broadcast System - Magnetics Div.

  • Presently using a sloper dipole, balun/coax fed, and an omni discone antenna at home location.
  • Designed and built parabolic antennas as large as 15 feet in diameter for satellite communications using reflector dipole using low loss cable feed.
  • Now in use at home location are automatic antenna tuners covering the range of 10KHz to 30 MHz.
  • Experience at Westinghouse called him to repair underground antennas; have fabricated and installed a feed through system designed to withstand a nuclear blast.
  • Since 1945 with the US Army Signal Corps, controlled many rhombic antennas with 600 ohm feed lines which were later converted to log feed lines then into log periodic antennas now in use at USAISC.

Honors & Publications

Six (6) publications in areas of dielectric heating of plastics, semiconductor laser devices, high voltage insulation and plastics molding.

Three (3) U.S. patents, one (1) Canadian patent

Fifty (50) invention disclosures and six (6) trade secrets in the areas of:

  • Metal treatment
  • Semiconductor diodes
  • Surface passivation
  • Electroless plating
  • Solid state lasers
  • Composite antenna structures
  • Liquid injection molded structures
  • Composite solders
  • Low loss microwave structures.


  • American Chemical Society
  • Electrochemical Society
  • Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Society of Plastics Engineers,
  • Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics


  • M. S., Chemistry/Physics, Polytechnic University
  • B. S., Chemistry, New York University
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