Heat Transfer Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Technical Consultant #343


  • Polymer Matrix Composite; Glass Fiber Polymer Composite; Graphite Composite; Laminate Composite Material; Fiber Reinforced Plastic; Polyester Laminate. Has had extensive experience in cost/performance trade studies for the selection of composite materials. These materials use graphite, aramid, glass, and polyolefin fibers with epoxy, vinyl ester, and other thermosetting resins. Has knowledge of the structural capabilities, limitations, and processing requirements for a composite material systems. He feels that this is essential for determining the product design and life cycle cost. He uses control or modification of the processing parameters to improve performance and reduce variability. Has six patents pending in this area. He uses micromechanical methods to predict material properties where required.
  • Product Design for Manufacturability; Sandwich Laminate; Structure Design. Has successfully designed over 150 composite pressure vessels. This has required the integration of materials knowledge, processing options, and structural analysis. The principal design tools which he uses are netting and laminate theory, which he has used to develop computer codes for the rapid evaluation of proposed designs. He has designed many sandwich laminate structures to reduce cost and weight using foam and honeycomb cores with graphite, aramid, and glass fiber skins. Has several patents pending which relate to composite structures design.
  • Composite Stress Analysis; Micromechanics. Has used finite element analysis to verify design capability of over 200 models. This has involved the use of TEXGAP, NASTRAN, and PATRAN-ABAQUS programs. In a supervisory position, he has been responsible for interpreting, evaluating, and determining the validity of FE analyses. He has often used micromechanics theory for plate and shell structures to predict resin crazing and to validate FE analysis.
  • Composite Processing; Composite Filament Winding. Has been responsible for the filament winding of hundreds of composite pressure vessels using both prepreg and wet winding materials. He has used fibers consisting of graphite, aramid, glass, and polyolefin. He has used resins which include UV cure epoxy, 250 and 350 degrees F epoxy, and other thermoset resins. Has written computer programs for pattern generation and translators to integrate the design codes. He has evaluated fiber path stability and fiber and resin stresses with specialized computer codes. He has five patents pending which are related to composites processing and filament winding.
  • Composite Failure Analysis; Composite Material Failure. Has been involved with many failure analyses of composite structures. These analyses have involved reviewing the design and manufacturing history using laminate, FE, and/or microscopic analyses. Along with this, he has used his knowledge of the capabilities and limitation of many composite material systems. He was heavily involved with redesign efforts for the IR+D programs for other aerospace divisions. He has performed load transfer analyses for patches and repairs to damaged structures.
  • Composite Pressure Vessels. Managed the design/analysis and composites manufacturing groups for a major aerospace company. He has approximately 15 patents directly related to composite pressure vessels. He has also written computer codes for cylindrical, dome and attachment design/analysis. He is also knowledgeable of ASME Section X. He was responsible for the successful design and testing of over 200 composite pressure vessels.
  • Composite Storage Vessels. Has experience with tanks for the chemical processing industry and with design of storage vessels for high pressure fluids including vessels with thermoplastic and metal liners. He is knowledgeable with RTP-1 and ASME Section X.


CONSULTANT, composite structures design, analysis, manufacturing


  • MANAGER, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT--Responsible for the output of the analytical and composites groups. The composites group is responsible for the filament winding and braiding of composite structures; such as rocket motor cases, nozzles, and exit cones. Group includes designers, analysts, chemists, process engineers, and technicians.
  • STAFF ENGINEER/ENGINEERING SUPERVISOR, ANALYSIS--Continued stress analysis efforts and developed computer codes for composite structure design/analyst.
  • SENIOR ENGINEERING ANALYST--Continued structural analyses using both hand calculations and developed computer codes for composite structure design/analysis.
  • ENGINEERING ANALYST--Performed structural analyses using both hand calculations and finite element methods

Honors & Publications

  • Developed computer software to perform laminate thermal-structural analyses, micromechanics, case cylinder design, dome contour analysis, winding pattern generation, braid pattern generation, polar boss design, and orthotropic cylinder buckling.
  • Member AIAA Technical Subcommittee on Structures (1989-1992).
  • Corporate Representative to the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (1986-1988).
  • Nominated for Who's Who in Engineering and Science.
  • 18 patent disclosures relating to composite designs and fabrication techniques.


  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware
  • Composites Materials Program
  • Plus 18 credits of advanced work in composite materials and solid mechanics.
  • Registered Professional Engineer, Delaware
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