Plastics Consultant Specializing in Fluoropolymers and Engineering Plastics

Technical Consultant #287


Polymer chemical consultant with expert knowledge of commercial plastics uses and processing, polymer chemistry, polymer syntheses, polymer properties, and polymer blends and polymer alloys. Also skilled in the engineering processing of plastics, including injection molding, compression molding and extrusion.

Knowledgeable in additives for polymer processing and property enhancement.

Expert level experience and knowledge of these plastics:


  • Teflon-fluoropolymer resins and films
  • Fluon
  • Tefzel
  • Kynar
  • Kel-F


  • Polysiloxanes and polysilazanes

Engineering resins

Commodity resins

Thermoset resins

First hand expert knowledge of acetal resins

  • Delrin acetal resins
  • Celcon acetal resins
  • PET, etc.

Nylons (condensation type resins as well as cast nylon parts up to1000 lbs.)

Aromatic based polymers (Xydar, LCP liquid crystal polymers)

Polysulfone, PPS, etc.

SMA, acrylics (Lucite, Plexiglass, etc.)

Polyolefins (PE, PP, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and UHMWPE)

Polystyrene based materials (PS, ABS, SAN, Noryl , etc.)

Vinyls (PVC), thermosets such as phenolics

Urea based thermosets and other amino based resins, and epoxies.

Polymer Technology

Polymer modification and reactive extrusion

Polymer grafting, polymer alloys

Extruded and injection molded foams



Grinding wheels

Glass fiber reinforcing

Polymer additives

  • Thermal stabilizers
  • Antioxidants
  • Flame retardants

Additives for:

  • Toughening polymers
  • Improving hydrolytic stability
  • Impact resistance
  • Blowing agents for foams
  • Heat shrinkable films, heat shrinkable fluoropolymers
  • Preceramic polymers
  • Water soluble polymers
  • Highly filled systems
  • Novel alloys and blends
  • UV stabilized systems
  • Polarizer films

Knowledge of:

  • Pigments
  • Color concentrates
  • Color matching
  • Liquid and solid color systems
  • Flushing
  • Color dispersions


  • Polymer Chemist
  • Norton Performance Plastics
  • Union Carbide Silicones Division
  • Dart and Kraft, GAF Corp.
  • DuPont Plastics Department
  • University of Connecticut at Stamford, Dept. of Chemistry, Adjunct Professor

Honors & Publications

  • Fifty publications and patents.


  • Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania
  • M. S. in Organic Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania
  • B. S. in Chemistry, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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