Commercial and Military Aviation Engineering Expert

Technical Consultant #2302


  • Mechanical systems engineering for commercial and military aviation for commercial and military clients.
  • Fuel, propulsion, and mechanical systems, systems in control and software.
  • FAA certification.
  • Environmental control systems.
  • Comprehensive independent engineering evaluations.
  • Causation assessment as to a reasonable degree of probability.
  • Evaluating options for design improvements or reasons for impairment
  • Specifying and identifying tests or quality improvements.
  • Assessing appropriateness of design details.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Reports, depositions, and trials, specializing in FAA design regulations, mechanical and fuel system design of aircraft.


Aloft Aeroarchitects, Georgetown, Certification Engineer, 2016

  • Contract engineer for Organization Delegation Authority (ODA for FAA)
  • International certification involving Satellite and Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs), a radome, fuselage and cabin modifications and fuel systems.

Boeing, Oklahoma City, OK and Everett, WA, 1987 - 2015

Fuel System Engineer, 2009 - 2015

  • Contract Engineer for Boeing on the KC-135 Tanker program.
  • Worked with B-52 and "Airforce One."
  • Focal for the KC-135 fuel system modeling project.
  • Utilized Boeing Seattle efforts and Matlab/Simulink to support Houston efforts to create the Matlab/Easy5 fuel system model.
  • Coordinated with Fluid Dynamics model results on accident investigation.
  • Task Manager for the Fuel Cell Engineering Assignment (EA), which was a project to scan and reverse-engineer aircraft fuel cavities and related equipment and determine the cause of fit problems.
  • Coordinated and directed efforts of engineering teams.
  • Analyzed dynamic fuel slosh by directing Fluid Dynamics modelling.
  • Developed specification for fuel bladders.
  • Knowledge of P187, P178 and other Boeing Propulsion group analysis.

ECS Test Engineer, Everett, WA, 2007 - 2009

  • Supported the 747-8 Environmental Control Systems (ECS) Bleed Air lead engineer in the area of analysis and test.
  • Ran analysis computer programs including MATLAB and EASY5.
  • Coordinated with a French supplier.
  • Coordinated procurement of Boeing-designed equipment needed in France for testing support.
  • Wrote Functional Tests.
  • Created an Access database to track requirement compliance.
  • Analyzed ground/flight test results.
  • Managed GE Flying Test Bed flight testing of the ECS system.

Fuel System Engineer, Long Beach, CA, Fuel System Engineer, 2001 - 2002

  • Cost reduction effort project engineer on the 717.
  • SFAR-88 analysis and compliance, with focus on electrostatics and external heating hazards, including testing.

Certification Engineer, Renton, WA, 1995 -1999

  • Revised procedures which describe and govern the Designated Engineering Representative (DER) System at Boeing.
  • Responsible for overall DER training.
  • Taught the DER portion of the Airplane Certification Continuing Airworthiness Course available to all Boeing personnel and others.
  • Edited and published the DER Newsletter (circulation 900) coordinating improvements to the DER Database (maintained on a PC system).
  • Coordinated Boeing responses to certain regulatory issues involving the FAA.

Propulsion Engineer, Renton, Seattle, WA, 1987 - 1995

  • Hired as a contract engineer in 1987, became a permanent Boeing employee in 1992 in order to serve as a DER for the Renton Fuels group.
  • Models included B-2, 777, 757,737(all models), 707,727, as well as 767 and 747 models.
  • Held three positions, all of which included responsibilities for analysis requiring computer use and programming.
  • Documented processes.

PATS Aircraft, Georgetown, DE, Fuel System Project Engineer, 2004 - 2007

  • $40 million C-32A Restoration project.
  • Drafted the Statement of Work Boeing used for the program.
  • Schedule development.
  • Scope definition.
  • Specification development negotiations.
  • Supplier negotiations.
  • Managed mechanical designers; Manufacturing Engineer, Reliability and Safety Engineer. Others; Deputy Project Engineer, Test Engineer, Electrical Lead Engineer with numerous Electrical Designers.
  • Electrical work included the fuel gaging and valve control system, as well as EICAS interface.
  • Structural and systems changes.
  • Developed processes for dealing with suppliers for both companies as well as certification and conformity issues.
  • Potable water system.

Smiths Aerospace Anaheim Hills, CA, Fuel Systems Engineer, 2002 - 2004

  • Wrote 21 procurement specifications for fuel system equipment projects (pumps, valves, surge suppressor, tubing, couplings, sensors, hydraulic motor, hoses, and more).
  • Aerial Refueling System (ARS).
  • Performed system-level calculations, including surge pressure, flow analysis, and system layout.
  • Designed and witnessed supplier tests.
  • Authored the Statement of Work used for all components.
  • Authored the Verification Matrix for the entire 767 Tanker project (Smiths portion).
  • Fuel system certification, safety, pump design, and surge suppression issues.

Undisclosed Company, President-Owner, 1999 - 2001

  • Established and operated a small startup business providing DERs and DARs to industry as a consulting engineering group, solving certification problems.
  • Established and maintained a Web site, developed all HTML and ASP code.

Bechtel, Westinghouse,UNC Nuclear Industries, Engineer, 1974 -1987

  • Deployed to various sites in the U.S: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas, Washington (Fairbanks, Richland, and Grandbury) .
  • Bechtel pipeline construction in Arkansas.
  • Findlay Engineering College in Missouri.
  • UNC contract in Washington on FFTF and N-Reactor.
  • Texas Utilities, on their reactor.

Honors & Publications


  • Fuel Systems DER for FAA during time at Boeing, and privately.
  • FAA certification.


  • Professional Engineer-P.E. (WA)


  • Spanish, some reading
  • Russian, some reading
  • Koine Greek, some reading


  • Atlas Award from Boeing, Oklahoma Site


  • M.S. Theological Seminary Divinity, Nazarene, Kansas City, MO
  • B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
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