American Japanese Manufacturing Consultant

Technical Consultant #2234


  • Provide Workshops in the Manufacturing Industries for Americans working with the Japanese Industries.
  • Business experience with Melinex® polyester (PET) film, Delrin® acetal resins and Zytel® nylon resins.
  • Marketing research and end use analysis for PET films and acetal and nylon plastic engineering plastics and markets.
  • Experienced in developing short and long term product demand forecast models and applying BCG experience curves for econometric forecasts.


Independent Consultant, Training 2005 - Present

  • Provide Training to the Fluoropolymer industry (suppliers and processors).
  • One or two-day workshop on "Working with the Japanese."

Daikin Industries, Japan, Executive Vice President, 1992 - 2005

  • Senior American in the U.S. subsidiary of Daikin Industries and was instrumental in growing the business from $40 million to over $300 million.
  • Sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, administration and technical service functions were staffed and the U.S. manufacturing facility was sold-out shortly after start-up.
  • All company functions except direct plant operations and IT report to the Executive Vice President.

ICI Fluoropolymers, U.S. Canada and Central and South America, 1979 - 1992

Commercial Director

  • Responsible for all commercial aspects of ICI's fluoropolymer business in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.
  • Profit and loss responsibility for business in the Americas with 20 professionals as direct reports.
  • Responsibilities included financial budgets, sales, marketing, pricing, product mix strategy, promotion, forecasting and sourcing.
  • Reported to ICI's international business manager in U.K.

Technical Service and Applications Development Representative

  • Provided technical help to customers processing ICI's Melinex polyester films.
  • Defined requirements for new film types and introduced these to the market.

Senior Sales Trainer

  • Trained ICI sales representatives and administered management training courses in U.S. and in Latin America.

DuPont Co., 1968 - 1979

Marketing Specialist

  • Responsible for selling DuPont's experimental engineering plastics to all branches of the U.S. Military.
  • Focused on high temperature nylon resins.

Sales Development Planning and Support Specialist

  • Developed sales for Du Pont's engineering plastics (acetal, nylon, polyester) in new applications and market areas.

Process Supervisor, Carney's Point, New Jersey

  • Responsible for day-to-day operation of DuPont's nitrocellulose plant.

Marketing Research Representative

  • Identified safety glazing market for DuPont's Lucite acrylic sheet.
  • Quantified the impact of Federal solid waste disposal legislation on Du Pont's plastics business.
  • Conducted market research studies and computerized end-use and competitive analyses for Teflon® fluoropolymers, Delrin acetal and Zytel nylon resins.
  • Developed short and long range econometric forecasts for Zytel and Teflon and developed BCG experience curves for these products.

Technical Service Representative

  • Provided technical assistance to DuPont's Teflon customers.

Research Engineer

  • Member of the research and development team that developed DuPont's Tefzel melt fluoropolymer from a laboratory idea to a commercial product.
  • Developed manufacturing processes and demonstrated processes in semi-works operations.

Honors & Publications


  • Spanish - fluent in conversation, writing, reading (19 year stay in Colombia, Peru and Argentina)
  • Portuguese - Communication
  • French - 2 years


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
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