Petroleum Refining Hydrocarbon, FCC, and Aromatics Extraction Chemical Engineering Consultant

Technical Consultant #2194


  • Field experienced in hydrocarbon refining processes, system dynamics, project management.
  • Successful in collaborative, profitable operations and improvements on premier processes over 33 years of multi-faceted engineering roles.
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) process engineering for high profit, large unit refineries.
  • Equipment mapping, new systems start-up and test runs monitoring, optimization, and catalyst selections.
  • Units - Crude; vacuum, light ends - gas recovery treating, Merox, Amine, fractionators, desulfurization Units - Naphtha through gas oil with mild hydrocracking, Visbreaker, Penex (C5 isom), Sulfolane (aromatics extraction), reformers (fixed-bed),and flares.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Advisory, Present

  • Providing technical consulting to large petroleum producing plants and refineries with targeted results improving operations, profits, and feasibility.

Hovensa LLC, St. Croix, U.S., Virgin Islands, 1979 - 2012

Senior Staff Engineer, Technical Services

  • Served as subject matter expert on fluidized bed catalytic cracking (FCC) and deep conversion.
  • Guided technical focus for highest profit units, supporting delayed coker, C3 poly, LT. ends treating, and alkylation.
  • Point member for Citgo FCC and Coker Technical Teams - benchmarking, outage reductions.

Turnaround Technical Coordinator - FCC and Coker Complex Blocks

  • Process Engineering point contact on large block turnaround outage planning core team.
  • Helped team achieve top quadrant planning performance for 2010 FCC Complex outage (high complexity, $90 million) APNetworks gated planning metric, mitigating 15% overrun exposures.
  • Oversaw technical devices execution for 2010 FCC complex turnaround.

Senior Staff Engineer, FCC Revamp Projects

  • Point engineer on key profit and reliability projects for one of the world's largest FCC units.
  • Barrier breakthrough on licensor technologies.
  • Sponsored and led multi-disciplined team to secure management approval for feed nozzle riser system revamp from detailing through start-up ($6 million, less than 6 months payback).
  • Advanced beyond traditional sole licensor options as optimum fit with unit constraints.
  • Led design of and established support for non-traditional custom single-stage cyclone system to resolve cycle life constraint and extend turnaround interval from 4 to 5 years ($20 million).
  • Guided feasibility for FCCU 30 MW power recovery turbo-expander.

Senior Process Engineer, (FCC)

  • Developed and carried out targeted test runs to determine yield relationships and unit specific responses.
  • Developed technical routines for monitoring, optimization, catalyst selections, and loss tracking.
  • Created a 1-page guide for operations for quick reference during start-ups.
  • Mapped equipment wear patterns during first turnaround inspections.
  • Determined extent of thermal expansion movements unique to large-scale unit.

Group Leader, Technical Services Utilities and Energy

  • Supervisor for Engineering Utilities group and Reliability Upgrade project team leader.
  • Upgraded steam and air systems to support new FCC facility.
  • Decoupling the steam and electric systems for reliability plus energy efficiency ($ 3 million with a 2.5 year payback).
  • Modernized Boiler instrumentation with safety interlocks to NPRA and FM standards.
  • Formulated practical OSHA, PSM, and MOC handling.
  • Revamped fuels field metering and upkeep to realize reliable supply and distribution measurement balances.
  • Led fired heater and burners optimization training, mechanical integrity and parts management.

Senior Process Engineer - Energy Conservation and Environmental

  • Identified expected fuel factors areas for improvement.
  • Highlighted monthly energy gaps.
  • Conducted audits on high consumption units: $6 million a year double compression savings.
  • Unified BTU basis with corporate for audit comparisons.
  • Compiled environmental fugitive and point source air emission data for two SARA submissions.
  • Updating tanks database verified with roof seal detail.
  • Establishing central support documentation.
  • Compiled legal bounds for marine Neshaps benzene vapor loading system design.

Senior Process Engineer - Petrochemical Joint Venture

  • HOVIC representative Process Engineer on joint-venture paraxylene petrochemical plant.
  • Automated operator tool to eliminate common product losses due to math errors in critical bed zone rate calculations.

Process and Senior Contact Engineer - Hydrocarbon Units

  • Hands-on operator for 1 year Union lock-out infield.
  • Developed performance monitoring, test runs, troubleshooting, optimization, project development, equipment inspections, guidelines and shift coverage for catalyst loadings and regenerations, furnace decokings, and new system start-ups.
  • Technical support to units: Crude, vacuum, light ends - gas recovery treating, Merox, Amine, fractionators, desulfurization Units - Naphtha through gas oil with mild hydrocracking, Visbreaker, Penex (C5 isom), Sulfolane (aromatics extraction), reformers (fixed-bed),and flares.


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Lowell, Lowell Technological Institute, Lowell, MA
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