Petrochemical and Refinery Rotating Equipment Expert

Technical Consultant #2192


  • Thirty Eight years of experience in rotating equipment.
  • Service, selection, and operation of turboexpanders for fluid catalytic cracking process regeneration flue gas.
  • Cogeneration services.
  • Vendor experience verification.
  • Rotordynamics and critical speed analysis.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Engineering Fellow, Present

  • Provide support and consulting of equipment analysis for industrial petroleum clients.


Annuitant and Project Oversight

Equipment Screening - Project Development

  • Process plant cogeneration services.
  • Compression pumping services - motor, steam, gas turbine drive.
  • Utility, fuels and auxiliary systems definition.

Equipment Specification and Procurement Assistance

  • Technical specification per API, ANSI, ISO standards.
  • Performance requirements, including off-design.
  • Utilities and auxiliary systems requirement specifications.
  • Control and protective systems specifications.
  • Factory inspection and quality control requirements.
  • Vendor Experience Surveys and Experience verification.
  • Maintenance planning and spare parts strategies.

Technical Quality Assurance

  • Review vendor and contractor engineering studies.
  • Rotordynamics and critical speed analysis.
  • System torsional vibration analysis.
  • Transient response and pulsation analysis.
  • Witness factory mechanical and performance tests.

Startup Planning and Commissioning Assistance

  • Review technical field service manpower plans.
  • Detailed commissioning activities planning.
  • Scope and checklist of mechanical turnover packages.
  • Onsite technical support during commissioning.
  • Participation in troubleshooting and reliability improvement initiatives.

Honors & Publications


Author of technical papers - Topics

  • Vibration analysis of gas turbines and large turbomachinery
  • Selection and operation of turboexpanders for Fluid Catalytic Cracking
  • Process regenerator flue gas


  • M.S. Mechancial Engineering, New Jersery Instiitute of Technology, Newark, NJ
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, The City College of New York, NY
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