Hydrogen Gas Transfer, Storage and Safety Consultant

Technical Consultant #1932


  • Hydrogen technologies from production to end use applications with knowledge of related codes, standards, procedures, protocols and best practices.
  • Safety issues handling hydrogen and other flammable gases.
  • Space applications for hydrogen, including propellant acquisition strategies.
  • Alternative fuels in support of the transportation sector.


Independent Consultant, 1994 - Present

  • Advisor to municipal gas companies in the implementation of natural gas supply projects in Florida.
  • Advisor on hydrogen topics to many national agencies.
  • Hydrogen consultant to the solar energy industry.
  • Served on the Space Coast DOE Clean Cities Coalition on matters of vehicle alternative fuels.
  • Advisor to the Praxair, Inc. Corporation on matters of space vehicle propellant support at various U.S. locations.
  • Currently a consultant with FireFreeze Worldwide, Inc., a firm that has developed a non-toxic, biodegradable fire suppressant called "ColdFire" for use in Class A, B, D and K fires.
  • Provided consulting services to various clients mostly regarding hydrogen projects:
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • BMW, (Bayerische Motoren Werke) automaker
  • Wyle labs
  • DCH Technology
  • Hydrogen Components Inc.
  • CSA America
  • International Energy Agency
  • Space Gateway Support
  • Gas Technology Institute
  • General Physics
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc.
  • Hydrogen 2000 Inc.
  • EG&G
  • HyRail
  • Collier Technologies.Type>

NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL, 1965 - 1994

  • Technician operating and maintaining mobile equipment and fixed systems in support of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and helium requirements.
  • Prepared the necessary procedures and protocols for mission operations.
  • Prepared specifications used in the acquisition of the mobile equipment.
  • Systems engineering for propellants ground support equipment and propellant supply logistics in support of Mercury, Gemini, Saturn, Apollo, Skylab, Delta, Atlas, Centaur, Agena, Titan and Space Shuttle programs.
  • Manager of NASA Propellants and Life Support functions.
  • Served on procurement source evaluation boards in the acquisition of liquid hydrogen in support of all NASA and DOD requirements.
  • Assignment at NASA Headquarters Washington, D.C., to plan for the advanced space launch concepts and provide analysis for critical propellant support such as hydrogen.
  • Organized the first U.S. hydrogen leak and fire detection technologies seminar.
  • Assignment at Air Force/NASA Vandenberg AFB to manage hydrogen, oxygen, hypergolic propellants, high-pressure gases, laboratory sampling and analysis and precision cleaning.
  • Managed hydrogen and vehicle alternate fuels programs at KSC.
  • Implemented the natural gas pipeline project to serve KSC and the Cape Canaveral AFS at over thirty facilities. ~Implemented the vehicle natural gas fueling station.

Brown Engineering, Huntsville, AL, 1961 - 1965

  • Design engineering and preparation of specifications for space program ground support systems including hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and helium systems.

U.S. Army Ballistic Missile Agency, Redstone Arsenal, AL, 1959 - 1961

  • Physicist, developing space vehicle parameters for guidance and control and wind tunnel experiments.

EBASCO, Inc., Noxon, MT, 1955 - 1959

  • Design engineering in water hydraulics and civil structures for a hydroelectric project.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

Founding Member

  • National Hydrogen Association (NHA)
  • American Hydrogen Association (AHA)
  • International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE)
  • Canadian Hydrogen group (HIC)
  • ISO Hydrogen Technologies TC 197
  • International Council on Cooperation and Development of Hydrogen (ICCDH)


  • Board member, development of the CPIA, Liquid Propellants Manual.
  • Aerospace Safety Data Institute, Hydrogen Safety manual development.
  • Convener/expert member for several ISO hydrogen working groups. Oversaw the first publication of a ISO specification on hydrogen energy (hydrogen fuel specification).
  • Senior Associate, Hydrogen Safety Institute, LLC.
  • Senior Associate, H2Scan LLC, hydrogen sensor marketing.
  • Under the invitation of the Secretary of the Department of Energy, served as member of the Hydrogen Technical Advisory Panel, (HTAP) as mandated by the Hydrogen Act.
  • NHA/DOE hydrogen codes and standards working groups.
  • Chairman of the DOE Hydrogen Safety Panel (HSP) that has the following responsibilities and accomplishments:
  • Oversee all DOE hydrogen related project safety plans
  • Created the best practices handbook
  • Created the H2 incident website
  • Developed a Guidance Document for use by project investigators
  • Performed on site project reviews.


  • Lifetime Achievement Award, National Space Club Florida Committee.
  • Lifetime Honorary Member Award, National Hydrogen Association.
  • Honorable Recognition Award, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Lifetime Member of Strathmore's WHO'S WHO recognition.
  • Lifetime Member of America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals.
  • NASA Exceptional Service Award, Kennedy Space Center.
  • U.S. Air Force Exceptional Service Award, Vandenberg AFB.
  • NASA Astronaut prestigious Silver Snoopy Award.


  • Author and Co-Author of numerous publications in addressing hydrogen: Probable Cause and Effect, Living with Hydrogen, Hydrogen Operations, Past and Present, Handling Hydrogen Safely, Green Hydrogen Report, Hydrogen Infrastructure and other topics.

Presenter and Speaker

  • Hydrogen related topics at various national and international conferences and forums.


  • Ph.D. Engineering Management, California Coast University
  • M.S. Space Systems Management, Florida Institute of Technology
  • B.S. Space Systems Technologies, Florida Institute of Technology
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