Glass Expert Providing Fracture Analysis, Forensics, and Simulated Fracture Testing

Technical Consultant #1828


  • Facture analysis, forensics, and simulated fracture testing.
  • Conducted ANSI Z-97.1 testing of float glass to qualify or disqualify it as pass or fail and measured the fracture strength of various glasses using several methods.
  • Flat glass manufacture from glass composition to the melting and refining to the fabrication of automobile glass and both residential and commercial glazing.
  • Commercial and residential building codes, specific to tempered (safety glass).
  • Development of specialty glass compositions and fuel-saving glass formulations, while maintaining performance of glass in commercial buildings and residential houses and automobiles.
  • Strength of automotive glass having various degrees of temper as well as laminated glass for automotive windshields:
  • Tempered plate architectural laminated and glass.
  • Bottles breaking during the filling and capping processes.
  • Spontaneous breakage.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Provided expert witnessing since 2003 in more than 35 cases for glass product liability cases.
  • Provided expert witness for a case involving BB or bullet hole in the plate glass sliding door.
  • Simulated the impact in a lab, and showed that it weakened the glass by over 75% using a standard strength testing procedure (ANSI Z97.1). Result was favorable to the plaintiff. Also deposed by the defense attorneys several months prior to the jury proceedings.
  • Provided testimony and expert witnessing for a case involving a six-person personal injury case. For this case: simulated the impact and measured the amount of force it took to fracture a thick-walled glass beer mug versus normal every day forces to open and close doors, etc. The simulation was recorded on a DVD disc to challenge the plaintiff's claim.

Depositions for numerous cases:

  • While employed with an international stone company, provided deposition for spontaneous breakage of tempered glass.
  • Personal injury case involving a damaged patio door glass panel.
  • Injury case involving a glass vase that resulted in a severe hand injury.
  • Hand injury involving a wide mouth pickle jar.
  • Personal injury case involving a fractured beer mug during an altercation at a bar.
  • Injury from a beer bottle that broke spontaneously.
  • Injury from a lemonade bottle that broke while the cap was being twisted off.
  • Law suit of a glass tempering company vs. an insurance company who refused to pay for all of the claimed equipment and replacement glass losses during an electrical fire in a control panel that shut down the line.
  • Personal injury case involving a wide mouth salsa jar that fractured during opening and resulted in a severe hand injury.
  • Fatality case involving a fractured annealed glass display case in a bar restaurant during an altercation.


Undisclosed, 2007 - 2009

  • Appointed as a voting member of the by the Board of Directors,(International Code Council).

Independent Consultant, 2003 - 2009

  • Glass industry consultant for glass related injuries and product liability, glass technology and the glass founding process.

PPG Industries, Glass Technology Center, Senior Research Engineer, 1963 - 2003

  • Conducted process optimization research and development, in most aspects of glass manufacture, glass chemistry and glass properties.
  • Identified additives to the glass batch that virtually eliminated spontaneous glass breakage of fully tempered (safety) glass caused by nickel sulfide stones.
  • Served as PPG's representative to the NSF-University-Industry Center for Glass Research since 1996 and as its president. This organization conducted research in virtually every aspect of glass science and technology by the top scientists and engineers in the specialty glass, fiber glass, flat glass, bottle and TV tube industry.
  • Appointed as the industrial leader by PPG, Industries, Inc. of a 5 year DOE-funded project the developed the kinetics of silica and alumina soda vapor concentration.
  • Optimized glass composition to obtain the minimum log 2 and log 4 melting and forming viscosities without altering bending and tempering properties.

Honors & Publications


  • Statistical analysis from the Dupont In-House Training Association
  • Quality Management and Applied Statistical Process Control - Crosby Integrity Systems
  • An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Process Control - In Control Technologies
  • Research Project Management - PPG In-house course

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Ceramic Society - Distinguished Fellow
  • NSF University-Industry Center for Glass Research - Past President
  • Keramos (Honorary Fraternity)
  • President of the NSF Industry-University Center for Glass Research


  • PPG Industries, Inc. President's Award
  • PPG Recognition of Excellence Award

Publications and Patents

  • Co-edited a book on the corrosion of materials by molten glass.
  • Authored many articles in various technical publications with: Fusion-Cast Refractories and Dissolution of Refractory Materials.
  • Corrosion of Refractory Metals by Molten Oxides.
  • Analytical Models for High-Temperature Corrosion of Silica Refractories in Glass Melting Furnaces.
  • Corrosion of Materials by Molten Glass.


Authored or Co-Authored over 20 U.S. patents and 40 foreign patents in the areas of:

  • Method for making float glass having reduced defect density.
  • Apparatus and method for producing float glass having reduced defect density.
  • Methods of adjusting temperatures of glass characteristics.
  • Methods of adjusting glass melting and forming temperatures.
  • Reduction of nickel sulfide stones in a glass melting operation (spontaneous glass fracture of tempered glass).
  • Transparent infrared absorbing glass and method of making the same.
  • Method and apparatus for homogenizing glass.


  • Ph.D. Material Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y.
  • B.S. Ceramic Engineering, University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, IL
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