Optical Systems Design Consultant: Optical and Opto-Mechanical Design of Medical Devices, Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometers and Light Scattering Equipment

Technical Consultant #1601


  • Optical and mechanical design of analytical instruments, fluorescence and absorbance spectrometers and light scattering equipment.
  • Optical and mechanical design of custom optical Information processing equipment for the defense establishment.
  • Lens and optical system design using optical design software such as Genii and Zemax.
  • Acousto optics for signal processors.
  • Fiber optic probes for process spectrometers.
  • Wavelength division multiplexer for local area networks.
  • Fourier lens design.
  • Design of polarization scramblers.
  • Fiber optic photo-therapy probes.
  • Surface area and pore size distribution of materials and related technology for equipment design.


Independent Consultant, Present

American Instrument Company / Baxter Labs, Silver Spring, MD, Project Engineer

Major Projects:

  • SPF 1000 Spectrofluorometer.
  • SPF 125 series Clinical Spectroflourometers.
  • Sorbet Surface Area Meter, the Multi-sample version of the Adsorptomat.
  • Absolute Light Scattering Photometer.
  • 10-210 Photomultiplier Photometer.

Optical Design

  • Developed simple methods of laying out optical systems and optimizing optical power throughput using the theory of stops.
  • Designed the optical system of the Rotachem automated clinical diagnostic analyzer.
  • Discovered a method of eliminating doubly dispersed light from monochromators and designed the monochromators used in advanced spectrophotometers and spectroflourometers.
  • Developed and patented an original method of determining absolute turbidity and incorporated method into the Absolute Light Scattering Photometer.

Litton Amecom, College Park, MD, Senior Scientist

  • Principal optical designer for an air borne acousto-optic recorder for monitoring radar emissions.
  • Principal investigator for an Air Force sponsored study of Litton microchannel plate amplifiers as applied to acousto-optic channelized receivers.
  • Modeled and bench tested a wavelength division fiber optic multiplexer.
  • Assumed responsibility for a start up project aimed at developing integrated optical devices.

System Engineering and Development, Inc., Columbia, MD, Principal Engineer

  • Responsible for the optical and mechanical design of a benchtop acoustic-optics based Cross Ambiguity Function (CAF) generator.
  • Optical design of a rack mounted CAF system and a satellite borne CAF processor.
  • Used the Genii Optical design program to design satellite system lens withing tolerances and to evaluate system performance.

Consulting Firm, Consultant

Representative Projects:

  • Essex Corp: Designed the optical system, Fourier lens and imaging lenses of an acousto-optic processor for generating range Doppler images of objects in space. Designed breadboard and prototype modular range Doppler system including opto-mechanical design.
  • Omeda: Proposed quality control methods for an OEM system used in the Omeda baby phototherapy health care system.
  • LT Industries: Designed a height insensitive fiber optic reflectance probe. Evaluated a commercial spectrometer for use in future model LT process analyzers.
  • Becton Dickenson: Assisted the engineering team in troubleshooting the BD blood fraction analyzer for the health care industry.
  • University of Maryland: Investigated several approaches for fabricating a large area polarization scrambler.
  • Innovative Technologies Group: Designed the optics for two special fiber optic reflectance probes.
  • NIH SBA Grant: Worked with Roswell Park Cancer Institute towards developing a phototherapy probe suitable for treating mesothelioma.
  • American Fluoroseal: Designed a radiant heater to defrost a selected corner of a cell solution bag with minimum damage to the cells.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Optical Society of America
  • Society of Photographic and Instrument Engineers
  • Society for Applied Spectroscopy
  • Elected to Sigma Xi

Publications and Patents

  • 5 Patents
  • 6 Publications


  • M.S. Physics, George Washington University, Washington, DC
  • B.S. Physics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
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