Waste to Energy Consultant Specializing in Combustion, Gasification and Pyrolysis

Technical Consultant #1543


  • Thermal systems for converting waste products to energy.
  • Research, analysis, design, construction, startup and troubleshooting for alternate energy processes, particularity those involving combustion, gasification and pyrolysis.
  • Process heat and material balances.
  • Process engineering involving large pumps, blowers and fans.
  • Initial process conceptualization, preparation of process flow diagrams, and development of combustion control logic.
  • Development of preliminary P&ID's equipment design and specification.
  • Thermal processes such as combustion, incineration, gasification, pyrolysis, energy recovery, heat and material balances, waste-to-energy, air pollution control, fluidized bed, multiple hearth furnace, rotary kiln, rotary hearth, drag turbine, carbon activation, activated carbon, ultra-superheated steam, synfuels, biomass, scrap tires.


Independent Consultant; Clients and Objectives, 1976 - Present

  • DeBoise, ME: Forensic engineering; Peat and wood waste fired, fluid bed power plant.
  • Chittenden, VT: Forensic engineering; Sludge Drying.
  • Vancouver, WA: MHF: Increase capacity and meet 503's.
  • Joint Meeting, NJ: Forensic engineering; Sludge Drying.
  • Barstow, CA: Forensic engineering; furnace explosion.
  • Carpentaria, CA: Wind turbine; heat transfer analysis.
  • Boron, CA: Forensic engineering; Fan failures & Thermal analysis melting furnaces.
  • Boston, MA: Forensic engineering; sludge drying.
  • Chicago, IL: Sludge drying, technology validation.
  • Middlesex County Utilities Authority: Forensic engineering sludge drying and lime stabilization.
  • Walt Disney Imagineering - Large fan and air manifold design.

Pyrol - Energie - System, Technical Director, West Germany, 1976 - 1978

  • Design and procurement of indirectly heated, rotary kiln pilot plant in West Germany.
  • Process designed for the pyrolysis of 25 tons per day of municipal refuse and biomass.
  • Consulting for incineration, pyrolysis, gasification and development of "dirty gas" turbine for energy recovery.

Stanford Research Institute, Senior Mechanic Engineer, 1974 - 1976

  • Research assignments: Pyrolysis, gasification, incineration, fluidized bed combustion, air pollution control, design of multiple hearth and indirectly heated rotary kiln furnaces for the production and regeneration of activated carbon.

Fluor - Utah, Inc., Technical Director, Furnace Group, 1973 - 1974

  • Start - up superintendent for the 3,000 pounds per hour scrap tire fired boiler at Goodyear Tire.
  • Designed additional engineering modifications in combustion and air pollution control.

Thermal Disposal Services, Chief Engineer, Surface Combustion Division, 1968 - 1973

  • Provided concept, process and equipment designs for fume, liquid and solid waste incinerators.
  • Research and development work performed on the pyrolysis of liquid, semi-solid (sludge) and solid waste.
  • Conducted laboratory and field stack emission tests.
  • Obtained government research contracts for the incineration and pyrolysis of toxic fuel, mustard gas and nerve gas agent materials.

Dorr-Oliver, Inc., Development Engineer, 1965 - 1968

  • Test programs on fluidized bed incinerators.
  • Assisted in the development of cyclonic municipal sludge incinerator.
  • Project Engineer on brown stock washer development program.
  • Development work on reverse osmosis modules for sea water desalinization and wastewater treatment.

Honors & Publications


  • Licensed Professional Engineer: California, New York, Ohio and Nevada

Publications and Patents

  • Awarded a U.S. Patent for gasification process.
  • Seven previous patents issued.
  • Over twenty publications.


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, New York University, NY
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