Mechanical Engineering Consultant Specializing in the Design of Laboratory Analytical Instruments

Technical Consultant #1529


  • Experienced mechanical engineer with strengths in the design of fabricated metal, molded plastic, ceramic, and ceramic-metal assemblies.
  • Experience in the design and fabrication of micromachined parts in silicon and other materials.
  • Extensive experience in materials science and solving materials related problems.
  • Analysis experience includes the use of ANSYS and MECHANICA FEA.
  • Mechanical design of laboratory analytical instruments including industrial design, thermal zone design, control and structural design and analysis.
  • Application of materials science to part design, fabrication, manufacturing and trouble-shooting.
  • Flow and pressure sensors for use in laboratory analytical instruments.
  • Mechanical and packaging interfaced designs of micro-machined components for use in flow and pressure control systems.
  • Working with others in a multidisciplinary team to create a new design or solve a problem.
  • Procurement engineering work with research and development manufacturing groups to select and approve new suppliers for fabricated parts and assemblies.


Independent Consultant, Instrument design, 2008 - Present

Undisclosed Company, Research and Development Manufacturing Engineer, 2008 - 2011

  • New product development, provide supplier and process recommendations.
  • CAD design review to develop sheet metal enclosure and product design.
  • Recommended machine and sheet metal shops and specialty suppliers of vacuum brazements and photo-chemical etched parts.
  • Recommended the use of Solid Works as the CAD system of choice for the company.
  • Developed LC accessory to provide supercritical CO2 as a solvent at up to 400 bar.
  • Identified design improvements in two purchased parts and one internal subassembly.

Agilent Technologies, Procurement Mechanical Engineer, 1999 - 2008

  • Source and produce fabricated parts for life science and chemical analysis products.
  • Supported new product development, current products, and development and production of fabricated parts and assemblies in metal, ceramic and ceramic-metal.
  • Support resulted in introduction of 7 new products and 3 improved products.

Hewlett-Packard Company, Research and Development, 1970 - 1999

Mechanical Development Engineer, Little Falls Site, Wilmington, DE, 1988 - 1999

  • Project lead and mechanical design for helium plasma ionization detector.
  • Mechanical design of plastic packaging and inlets for single-channel gas chromatograph.
  • Mechanical design of pneumatic components and systems for use in an electronically controlled flow and pressure system for a laboratory analytical instrument.
  • Develop a silicon micro-machined proportional flow control valve.
  • Technical project: Designed a package and assembly process for a silicon micromachined thermally actuated proportional control valve for gas flows to be used in laboratory analytical instruments.
  • Worked with a major flow and pressure sensor manufacturer to redesign standard flow and pressure sensors for use in a new laboratory analytical instrument.
  • Designed and developed a new separation column support system, a liquid sample injection system, using a novel injection valve and thermal insulation system. Parts included injection molded plastic structural and appearance housing elements for a new form-factor laboratory and at-line analytical instrument.
  • Designed the complete mechanical assembly of a novel analytical detector instrument for a laboratory. Parts included sheet metal, machined metal, thermal insulation, ceramic, and ceramic-metal assemblies, as well as vacuum brazed and TIG welded pneumatic components.

Materials Engineer, Avondale, PA, 1984 - 1988

  • Supported new product development, current products, and commodities.
  • Commodities: Motors, cables, interconnects, switches, syringes, optosensors, flexcircuits, line power modules, bearings, and fasteners.

Production Engineering Supervisor, Avondale, PA, 1979 - 1984

  • Supervised a team of engineers supporting new product introductions and current products in GC, LC, automatic liquid sampling, and separation columns.

Research and Development: Mechanical Development Engineer, Palo Alto, CA, 1976 - 1979

  • Mechanical design of GC to MS interface and mechanical architecture of new GC/MS product.
  • Development of new quadrupole mass filter fabrication processes.

Production Development Engineer, Palo Alto, CA, 1973 - 1976

  • Technical support of production lines for ESCA spectrometer and GC/MS instruments.

Production Development Engineer, Avondale, PA, 1972 - 1973

  • Technical support of GC production lines and fabrication shop process development.

Research and Development: Mechanical Development Engineer, Avondale, PA, 1970 - 1972

  • Mechanical design of pressure case, seals, connectors, internal architecture and transport case for quartz-based pressure transducer for oil well logging.

Honors & Publications



  • U.S Navy Nuclear Power Submarine Service
  • U.S Navy Nuclear Power Reactor Operator/Supervisor Practical Training and Qualification
  • U.S. Navy Submarine School

Continued Education

  • NTU, Stanford University Materials Science and Engineering 207B - Mechanical Properties of Thin Films.
  • North Carolina State University ECE538 - VLSI Technology and Fabrication.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Materials
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers


  • U.S Navy Nuclear Power Submarine Service
  • U.S Navy Nuclear Power Reactor Operator/Supervisor Practical Training and

Publications and Patents

  • Number of patents (7), papers, presentations; selected representation


  • MBA University of Santa Clara, CA
  • B.S. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
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