Mechanical Engineer Consultant: Design of Grippers, Tooling, Robots and Material Handling Systems

Technical Consultant #1440


  • Design and build grippers, tooling and support equipment for material handling, robots, assembly machines, assembly lines and pick-and-pack.
  • Development, design, testing, and operation of medical devices, hand and power tools, major electrical appliances, diamond wire dies and cutting tools.
  • Material handling equipment systems for manufacturing, including robotics equipment, industrial control systems, heating and cooling systems, watercraft, safety interlocks and automation equipment.
  • Synthetic diamond production, COMPAX monitoring and control systems and related application developments.
  • Self locking cylinders, dressing tools, acceleration actuated striking mechanisms.
  • Idea generation, creativity and group interaction to maximize creative idea generation.
  • Expert in mechanical design engineering skilled in patent litigation and service as a mechanical engineer expert witness.
  • Intellectual property, patent claim construction, infringement, and litigation support.
  • Expert in claim writing and defense before U.S. patent examiners.
  • Rapid prototyping of preproduction parts and prototypes, including testing and debugging prototype product.
  • Energy Management: Utility bill auditing, reduced utility consumption methods, energy purchasing strategies, on-peak reduction, utility backup strategies, energy efficient lighting and process and equipment efficiency.


Undisclosed University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2004 - Present

  • Established a senior design program that links industrial needs with student projects.
  • Developed and teach the course "Introduction to Robotics," emphasizing systems integration.
  • Developed and teach the course "Mechanical Innovations." Skilled with techniques for idea generation.

Robo-Tech Systems, Inc., Gastonia, NC, 1982 - 2004

  • Developed and built grippers, tooling, and support equipment for robots, material handling equipment, assembly machines, assembly lines and pick-and-place.
  • Responsible for sales and marketing, product development, production and finance. Products were sold to U.S. auto manufacturers and other industries.
  • Reduced corporate operating cost by installing a Computer Program Integration Management system (CPIM).

General Electric Company, Development Engineer for Specialty Materials Department, Worthington, OH, 1975 - 1982

  • Replaced mined natural diamond with diamond made from graphite on mechanical presses.
  • Coordinated man-made diamond product development, fabrication, testing, marketing and sales.
  • Responsible for two "COMPAX" product lines. Developed and patented three new diamond products.
  • Justified and introduced thermally stable "COMPAX" blanks with proprietary diamond crystal structures.

Whirlpool Corporation, Project Engineer, Benton Harbor, MI, 1968 - 1975

  • Invented improved appliance products for Whirlpool Corporation. Designed glass impregnated propylene appliance foot, water warning valve, washing machine suspension system, and conveyor transfer apparatus.
  • Developed a vertical axis balance mechanism for the full line of automatic washers.
  • Designed and built a conveyor transfer apparatus.

Typical Consulting Assignments

  • Low cost cylinder for tool part.
  • Hydraulic clamps.
  • Designed a custom venturi vacuum gripper.
  • Invented a 3 axis, force feedback electric end effector.
  • Designed a self-locking tank clamp.
  • Designed a constant force wrist.
  • Research and development of custom wrists.
  • Designed a 3 jaw custom stroke gripper.
  • Designed and built water cooled gripper.
  • Designed and built pivot wrist tooling system.
  • Designed aerospace end effector.
  • Designed a packaging robot system.

Honors & Publications

  • 12 Patents


  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
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