Formaldehyde and PVC Plant Design and Operations Expert for Pulp/Paper Products

Technical Consultant #1250


  • Process design in the PVC, chlorine, thermosetting resin, formaldehyde and pulp and paper plants.
  • International Chemical Engineer, international chemical plant design and construction.
  • Instrumental in "scaling-up" of new processes from bench-scale to commercial scale plants.
  • Formaldehyde plant design and operations.
  • Iron-molybate catalysts.
  • Polyethylene plant design.
  • Forest, pulp and paper products.
  • Formaldehyde based adhesives.
  • International licensing.


Independent Consultant, Present

Georgia-Pacific, (G-P), Formaldehyde Plant Design and Operations, Corporate Engineering

  • As Chief Chemical Engineer of a formaldehyde plant - second largest producer in North America, totaling 14 plants with production of over 2 billion pounds per year of 50%, provided plant design and managed operations.
  • Assigned the task of organizing the environmental audit program and process safety programs, lasting four years and involved 536 locations.
  • Conceived and led projects aimed at improved design and operation of formaldehyde plants, both iron-molybate catalyzed and silver metal catalyzed.
  • Conducted interactive technology exchange program with two offshore producers, conceived and managed for 3 years resulting in new approaches to design and operation for all three parties.
  • Organized and designed a program of mutual cooperation among 6 North American formaldehyde producers to produce standard operating procedures and training materials for formaldehyde plants.
  • Supervised a team in documenting approaches to process hazard analyses for iron-molybate catalyzed formaldehyde plants.
  • Led the initiative to computerize training materials and programs for formaldehyde plant operators.
  • The cost was shared with 4 domestic producers of formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde Catalyst Development Project

  • Conceived and managed outsourced research program to improve formaldehyde catalysts by improving the catalysts employed.
  • Functioned as the liaison between G-P and Lehigh University Stanford Research Institute.
  • G-P financed this $1,000,000 project which led to several patents.
  • Pilot plant testing demonstrated significant improvements in formaldehyde yield,and plant throughput were possible vs. existing commercial catalysts for both iron molybate and silver catalysts. Catalyst life is expected to be lengthened as well.

Formaldehyde Plant Improvement Projects

  • As process improvement manager and consultant for G-P, headed several incremental expansions that were made possible by minimum capital cost by optimizing equipment design and operation.
  • Among these were analyses of catalyst loading procedures and results, absorber operation and temperature profiles, Dowtherm coolant distribution in reactor shell and other modifications.

Union Carbide, (UCC-Dow Chemical), Chemical Engineer

  • Specializing in process design of PVC plants at several locations.
  • Involved in all three major processes that rapidly grew from new catalyst discoveries that made polymerization of ethylene and propylene possible and ultimately obsoleted the high pressure processes.
  • Led the conceptualization, engineering, pilot plant support and scale up of the fluid bed process, licensed extensively by UCC as UNIPOL that currently dominants polyolefin process worldwide accounting for 40 % 0f worldwide capacity.
  • For UNIPOL assisted in the sale (licensing) of a large plant design in Russian-occupied Czechoslovakia. After 2 years of negotiations and 10 competitive bidders, won and the plant served as the "proving ground"(at $ 150 million) for a much larger plant in Russia which followed.

Independent Projects

  • Served as VP of polymer technology for a major contractor, Constructors John Brown, LTD. Operating out of their U.S. affiliate, Crawford & Russell Inc. As sole marketing representative for technology sales throughout the Pacific rim countries.
  • Secured a major contract for a polyethylene plant with Phillips Petroleum and Hitachi Zosen (contractor) on Erbau island, in Singapore harbor. Managed operation of synthetic organic chemicals and polymers facility, utilized batch and continuous manufacturing techniques.
  • Director of Project Engineering for Olin Chemicals where a capital budget of $100-$150 million annually was managed, involving the construction of chlor-alkalai and petrochemical projects.
  • Led design group in developing unique process (Unipol-Union Carbide) for manufacture of polyethylene; now used for two-thirds of worlds production.
  • Built plants in Sweden, Australia, Czech Republic, Texas and established organization to build and license in Russia.
  • Administered contracts for over $1.5 billion dollars of work in 7 countries.
  • Directed 200-person Engineering Department engaged in petrochemical plant design, construction and start-up.
  • Established industry-wide councils in Pulp and Paper industry for Process Safety Management (PSM) information exchange. Did the same for thermosetting resins industry.
  • Organized corporate audit programs for in-house environmental and process safety management audits. Involved 536 environmental locations and 40 PSM locations.
  • Organized cooperative computer-based training for chemical plant operators in formaldehyde industry. Six industrial firms involved.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Responsible for grants and services-in-kind to Lehigh University's Chemical Engineering Department totaling over $1,000,000 and covering a span of 11 years.
  • Functioned as contract liaison officer for research work contracted to Lehigh University by Georgia-Pacific Corp, Dyno (Norway), and Krems, (Austria). Dyno is now Dynea and part of Kvaerner and Krems is now part of Arizona Chemicals Div.of International Paper.
  • Member of the Asa Packer Society (permanent contributors), Lehigh University
  • Chairman, Continuing Education Programs
  • Member, Engineering Task Force to Study Land Subsidence in Greater Houston, TX Industrial Area
  • Chairman, Task Force on Visual Aids for Chemical Processes, National AlChE Engineering Education Projects Committee
  • Government Interaction Chairman
  • U. S. Pulp and Paper Industry: Organized First Process Safety Management Industry Roundtable
  • U.S. Phenolic Resin Industry: Organized First Process Safety Management Industry Roundtable
  • Dept. of Energy: Golden, CO, Industry Consultant on Biomass to Ethanol Process and Member of Phenolic Resin Industry Consortium to Recommend and Review Pilot Plant Designs for Controlled Pyrolysis of Biomass to Phenolic Oils


  • Most Innovative Technology for Clean Air, EPA
  • Elected Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, (Permanent Status)
  • Engineer of the Year in Georgia Industry, National Society Professional Engineers
  • Kirkpatrick Award, Best Technology
  • Best Plant Design, Australia
  • Chemical Engineer of the Year
  • Most Innovative Process, American Chemical Society, Southeast Region


Author and Co-Author of numerous publications and training courses with subject matters:

  • Chemical Process Operations
  • Paper Machine Processing, Chemical Hazards
  • Steam Driven Explosions
  • Iron-Molybate Catalysts - Regeneration/Formation
  • Pulp Mill Waste and Natural Gases Conversion
  • Refining Waste Gases to Hydrogen


  • B. S. Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
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