Ceramic Materials Engineer for Biomedical, Biotechnology and Environmental Applications

Technical Consultant #1232


  • Materials Science Engineering
  • Ceramic Engineering
  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Polymer Science/Composites
  • Building Products from Waste Stream Material


  • Independent Consultant

Technical and management consulting focused on assisting institutions and industry develop emerging technologies in ‘green materials’ and environmental systems. Includes fuel cells, clean energy (hydrogen) development and storage, catalysts systems for VOC pollution control, advanced diesel engine components, waste water processing and filtration, the processing of ceramic tile and building products from waste stream materials, relating to the disposal of mine tailings, power plant fly ash and steel industry slag.

  • Managing Partner, Technology Commercialization Partners, LLC

Provider of business development support activities for new and emerging businesses, including technology transfer, business plan development and the identification of funding sources for start-up and second tier enterprises.

  • Vice President, CaP Biotechnology, Inc.

Development and commercialization of calcium phosphate ceramic materials using its patented hollow, microsphere technology for biomedical and biotechnology applications. Research and development of core technology for emerging markets in cell therapy, drug delivery systems (osteomyelitis and diabetes), and the tissue engineering of osteogenic composites as implant scaffolds.

  • Founding Principal, President and COO, Coors Biomedical Company

Company discovered the potential of calcium phosphate ceramics (hydroxylapatite and tri-calcium phosphate) for use in cell culturing, implant and drug delivery applications. Developed and commercialized novel ceramic technology for the dental prosthetic market, which was subsequently licensed to Johnson & Johnson for worldwide distribution.

  • Vitrification / Nuclear Materials Processing Background

Technical glass melting and processing for corrosion resistant applications. Developed an alkali alkaline earth alumino-boro-silicate glass family of products. CRADA project leader for ORNL’s gelcasting system of ceramics - focus was aluminum titanate for near-net shape fabrications of exhaust port liners and other industrial applications. Design, development and building of furnaces for calcining nuclear waste materials at Rocky Flats in Colorado. Project consulting engineer for manufacturing engineering development and processing of lithium (Li6) aluminate ceramic tubes.

  • Ceramic Powder Injection Molding Background

In 1970’s developed an advanced thermal debound IM system for aluminas and Mg-PSZ that was scaled into pilot production and then transferred to manufacturing. In 1990’s developed a novel solvent extraction IM system tailored for submicron oxides including alumina and YTZP. This system is currently being used in manufacturing, having been scaled to meet broad market applications. Since 2000 developed a solvent extraction IM system for a family of TiC cermets for advanced diesel engine applications.

Honors & Publications

  • "Kinetics of Bone Growth into Cylindrical Channels in Aluminum Oxide and Titanium"
  • “Attachment of Bone to Threaded Implants by Ingrowth and Mechanical Interlocking"
  • 8 patents
  • Member: The American Ceramic Society, American Society for Metals, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, American Powder Metallurgy Institute


  • MS, Metallurgy and Materials Science Engineering, University of Denver
  • BS, Ceramic Engineering, University of Illinois
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