Medicinal Chemist with Custom Organic Synthesis Laboratory

Technical Consultant #1125


  • Organic Chemist and Medicinal Chemist with laboratory for experiments and custom organic synthesis.
  • Intellectual property and patent expert.
  • Patent infringement and patent validation expert.
  • Medicinal Chemist with extensive drug discovery and lead optimization accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Strong academic organic chemistry experience.
  • Discovered novel, potent heterocyclic and peptide mimetic enzyme inhibitors and receptor antagonists with good permeability and bioavailability properties.
  • Good working knowledge of biochemistry and pharmacology.
  • Strong patent and publication record.
  • Medicinal Chemistry - Pharmaceutical compound lead selection and optimization, analog synthesis.
  • Custom synthesis of organic molecules including pharmaceuticals and active ingredients (API), key intermediates and building blocks for medicinal chemistry.
  • Process research and development and production of small quantities of pharmaceutical chemicals.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Expert witness and fact witness: Analyzed patents, performed laboratory experiments in support of patent litigation, and testified at high-profile pharmaceutical patent trials.


Independent Consultant, 2001 - Present

  • Specialize in pharmaceutical patent litigation cases requiring laboratory investigation.
  • Organic and medicinal chemistry expert witness and fact witness in more than a dozen pharmaceutical patent litigation cases.
  • Testified in two high-profile cases.
  • Considerable patent experience. Wrote the genus and examples for the 15 U.S. patents obtained, and worked closely with patent attorneys and patent agents to construct the claims.
  • Consulted for intellectual property firms.
  • Performed experiments to establish the validity of patent claims. This work frequently involved generic drugs and patent infringement cases.
  • Founded chemistry laboratory located near Philadelphia, which is fully equipped to conduct custom organic synthesis and contract medicinal chemistry research. Also work as consultant in medicinal chemistry and organic chemistry.
  • Custom organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry; preparing compounds including enzyme inhibitors, receptor antagonists, enzyme substrates, and synthetic intermediates for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Cephalon, Inc., West Chester, PA, Principal Chemist, Sr. Scientist - Medicinal Chemistry, 1992 - 2001

Treatment of Cerebral Ischemia and Cancer


  • PARP: Designed novel, potent, selective heterocyclic heterocyclic inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase and properties.
  • Optimized potency and properties of screening hit to provide lead molecule. Lead compounds cross blood-brain barrier, and reduce infarct volume in cerebral ischemia.
  • Calpain: Designed laboratories, coordinated a multidisciplinary team of 20 biochemists, pharmacologists, cell biologists and medicinal chemists to evaluate hypotheses and plan new directions.
  • Designed and synthesized novel peptide-mimetic and non-peptide cell-permeable calpain inhibitors with new enzyme-reactive groups for neurodegenerative therapy.

Berlex Laboratories, Cedar Knolls, NJ, Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry, 1987 - 1992

Cardiovascular drug research and development

  • As project Leader directed group of medicinal chemists in synthesis of enzyme inhibitors and peptide mimetics.
  • Designed and synthesized highly potent endothelin converting enzyme inhibitors.
  • Investigated mechanism of epoxysuccinate class of cysteine protease inhibitors.
  • Identified novel peptide-mimetic construct which was incorporated into angiotensin II.
  • Performed molecular modeling on peptides, peptide mimetics, and enzyme inhibitors.

State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY, 1980 - 1987

Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Synthetic Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry

  • Synthesized biologically significant natural products: Biotin, oudenone, civet acid, C-glycoside antibiotics, lignans, tetrahydroisoquinolines. Generation and utilization of a-halo ethers and oxonium ions in synthesis.
  • Regioselectivity of Pictet-Spengler reaction.
  • Determined structures of crown gall tumor metabolites.
  • Wrote computer software programs for literature reference retrieval and elemental analysis.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1978 - 1980

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow. Organic Synthesis and Structure Elucidation

  • Synthesized natural products; introduced chirality via microbial transformation.
  • Isolated and elucidated structures of compounds with smooth muscle-contracting activity (Leukotriene and G-acid) from animal tissue; determined mechanism of action.
  • Performed smooth-muscle contractility assays.

University of California, Graduate Student, Organic Chemistry, Berkeley, CA, 1972 - 1978

  • Synthesized antitoxin-a via intramolecular cyclization of iminium ion.
  • Isolated and determined structure of saxitoxin, potent marine neurotoxin.
  • Developed sensitive oxidative fluorescence assay for saxitoxin.

Honors & Publications

  • 50 Publications
  • Numerous Presentations and Seminars
  • 15 Patents


  • Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, NY
  • B.S. Chemistry, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY
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