Micromechanics and Composite Materials Technology Expert and Consultant

Technical Consultant #1031


Senior Scientist and Supervisor with over twenty years of successful experience leading cross functional teams in Micromechanics of microinhomogeneous media and composite materials. Specific experience in:

  • Nanocomposites.
  • Particular and fiber reinforced composites with metal-matrix, plastic-matrix and ceramic-matrix.
  • Functionally graded composites.
  • Suspensions and emulsions.
  • Geomaterials.
  • Constitutive modeling of composites.
  • Multiscale analysis of composite materials.
  • Thermo-elasto-plasticity and visco-plasticity of composites.
  • Strength, fracture, fatigue, aging, and durability of composites.
  • Damage mechanics.
  • Conductivity in composites.
  • Wave propagation in composites.
  • Termo-electro-elasticity and other coupled effect in composites.
  • Overall properties and the fluctuations of random fields.
  • Differential and integral equations, asymptotic methods, optimization methods, numerical methods.
  • Computational solid mechanics, nonlinear analysis.
  • Probabilistic and reliability methods.
  • Stochastic differential and integral equations.

Technical competency may be applied in the following branches of industry:

  • Aircraft and space industry.
  • Machine building when new composite materials are explored in intensive coupled physic-mechanical fields.
  • Nondestructive testing.
  • Chemical technology of suspension and emulsion.
  • Coal-and oil industries.
  • Powder metallurgy.


University of Dayton, Present

  • Resident Instructor and Sr. Research Scientist

Wright-Patterson Air force Base, 1998 - 2000

  • Sr. Resident Associate

TU Vienna, Austria, Lab-Micromechanics of Materials, 1994 -1998

  • Visiting Research Professor

Max-Plank-Gesellschaft, TU Dresden, Germany, 1993 - 1994

  • Max Planck Society Fellow

Moscow Institute Of Chemical Engineering, Russia, Department of Mathematics, 1984 - 1993

  • Group Leader and Senior Research Scientist, Associate Professor, and Professor.

Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, Moscow USSR, 1976 - 1984

  • Research Scientist, Group Leader and Senior Research Scientist.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Max-Planck-Society Fellowship (Germany)
  • Austrian Society for the Promotion of Scientific Research Fellowship (FWF)
  • National Research Council/United State Air Force Office of Scientific Research Associateship, Senior Research Associate.
  • Member of Advisory Board of Editors, International Journal of Multiscale Computational Engineering
  • Guest-Editor of the special issue entitled Recent Advances in Micromechanics of Composite Materials.


  • 130 Publication, (97 in English) invited national and international lectures.


  • D.Sc. Science: Mechanics of Solid, Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics, Ukraine, Kiev
  • Ph.D. Engineering Science, Research Institute of Chemical Engineering, Moscow
  • M.Sc. Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia
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