Founded in 1985 by DuPont PhD’s and engineers, CECON provides consultants who understand the potential dangers and regulatory requirements in your chemical facility.

CECON Advantages

  • Science and engineering specialists, with more than 600 PhD’s
  • Quickly deploy large team of EH&S PhDs with academic and commercial lab experience
  • Industry- savvy staff to find the appropriate consultants

Typical Deliverables

  • Assistance in writing/ upgrading chemical lab SOPs
  • Harmonizing SOPs among multiple sites
  • Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • Chemical storage and inventory management recommendations
  • Regulatory compliance assessments
  • Mock regulatory inspections (chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical)
  • Forensics/ accident reconstruction

Recent Projects

TSCA & EPA compliance for mixed metal oxides facility
Chemical SOPs for multi-campus university
Safety and QC for Federal military construction
Evaluation of OSHA Ruling on Compliance
Validation for medical tissue donation facility
Hospital lab safety procedures

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